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Patience Is Necessary For “I Trapped The Devil”

Slow burn horror/thrillers require some very specific tools to proceed. Especially when the title is an independent one with limited money and time at its disposal, it’s easier thought of than executed. In the case of this week’s new release I Trapped the Devil, as novel concept ends up ever[...]

“Avengers: Endgame” Is An Emotional And Epic Culmination For Marvel

I have seen the Endgame and it is amazing. This is the best Marvel has ever done. Truly. Avengers: Endgame brings the Marvel Cinematic Universe to a worthy conclusion, eliciting more emotion than any superhero movie yet. I laughed, I cried, and I was filled to the brim with joy.[...]

Laura Dern And Kristen Stewart Stun In “JT LeRoy”

Anyone who thinks Kristen Stewart isn’t one of the under-sung actresses of her generation just isn’t paying attention. For years now, Stewart has been doing incredibly interesting work in films that fly largely under the radar. One of these days, it’s going to turn into an Academy Award nomination. Last[...]

Box Office Report For April 19-21

Welcome back to the weekly box office report! Each and every Sunday, expect a look at what made the most money in theaters, as well as just how all of the new releases fared. This week, a handful of new titles entered the marketplace on Easter weekend, hoping to make[...]

2019 Cannes Film Festival Lineup Is Announced!

Earlier in the week, the lineup for this year’s Cannes Film Festival was revealed. Every year, this announcement is hotly anticipated, as it’s one of the signifiers that we’re going to soon get some looks at potential Academy Award players. 2019 will be no exception, as a handful of possible[...]

“Fast Color” Refreshingly Blends Genres

There are surprisingly few attempts to do small scale superhero stories. Almost every time out, it’s blockbuster or bust. Even supposedly smaller scale offerings are still huge, like Deadpool or Logan. Even Chronicle was hardly an independent title. It’s a missed opportunity, too. So, when along comes something like Fast[...]

Judi Dench Is Led Astray By “Red Joan”

There are few bigger legends among actresses than Judi Dench. An Oscar winner, almost anything she chooses to be in is with your attention. Whether it’s a prestige Academy Award hopeful or a blockbuster like the James Bond franchise outings, she’s usually able to elevate the material and provide a[...]

“Under The Silver Lake” Is A Fever Dream Of Creativity From David Robert Mitchell

Filmmaker David Robert Mitchell blew me away a few years ago with his sophomore feature It Follows. That made anticipation high for his follow up, which turned out to be the noir crime dramedy Under the Silver Lake. Making its debut last year at the Cannes Film Festival, the movie[...]

“Hail Satan?” Presents A Whole New Look At An Unusual Religion

Documentaries about religious groups tend to be either exposés or propaganda. Rarely do you get an even handed look at a religion and what they’re setting out to achieve. However, Hail Satan? and The Satanic Temple is hardly your average religion. This documentary seeks to shed a light on the[...]

The Top 25 Best Film Editing Winners To Date

We’re back! Continuing onward with this (mostly) weekly series I’m doing here on the site, we’re talking about the top 25 Oscar winners in just about every single one of the Academy Award categories out there for us to talk about. Aside from the short categories and likely something a[...]