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The Academy Rules Has Ruled That Streamed Films Are Eligible For Oscar And Merged The Two Sound Categories Into One!

Some big news out of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, ladies and gentlemen. The board of governors for AMPAS, had a meeting and a vote earlier today, one which resulted in some major changes for the upcoming Academy Award ceremony. Two in particular stick out, especially in[...]

F. Murray Abraham Talks His New Show, Video Games, And More

Talking to a legend can go any number of ways. Luckily, when I got on the phone last week to chat with F. Murray Abraham, he was about as surprising as it gets. Charming, disarming, eager to talk, and just overall delightful, the Oscar winning actor was an absolute joy[...]

“Bad Education” Is A Masterclass From Hugh Jackman

HBO is both a great and slightly regrettable home for Bad Education. When they picked up the movie out of the festival circuit, it was somewhat of a surprise. After all, the flick had gotten some strong awards buzz, especially for star Hugh Jackman. Would they really be going for[...]

Chris Hemsworth Can’t Do It All On His Own In “Extraction”

Without question, Chris Hemsworth is one of Hollywood’s biggest action stars. Playing Thor in the Marvel Cinematic Universe will do that for you. Beyond being the God of Thunder in the MCU, Hemsworth has displayed some underrated comedic chops, but in the new Netflix action flick Extraction, he’s given a[...]

“To The Stars” Highlights Liana Liberato In An Uneven Melodrama

Melodrama has somewhat become a relic of cinema’s past. To be sure, we get melodramatic movies still being released, but true melodrama has largely gone away. The new movie To the Stars seeks to bring melodramas back, and up until the tail end of the third act, it succeeds. Some[...]

“Robert The Bruce” Never Brings The Past To Life

Historical epics are a dime a dozen. Even on an independent budget, they litter the cinematic landscape. So, there needs to be something for one of these efforts to distinguish themselves with. In the case of Robert the Bruce, it’s an attempt to pick up where Braveheart left off. Other[...]

“The Willoughbys” Is Harmless Animation For Families Stuck Inside

2020 has proven to be an interesting time for animation. Ever since the Coronavirus pandemic closed down movie theaters, the entire film industry has had to recalibrate. Right now, animated fare is thriving, thanks to families being desperate for new things to watch at home. Trolls World Tour had a[...]

“True History Of The Kelly Gang” Is An Impressionistic Take On An Old Story

Sometimes, old can be new again. It isn’t always what story being told, but how it’s being told. In the case of True History of the Kelly Gang, filmmaker Justin Kurzel is taking a unique and almost punk rock approach to the classic Ned Kelly legend. It’s a brash and[...]

Warner Bros. Moves “The Batman” Release Date (And More)

The longer that the film industry remains shuttered by the Coronavirus pandemic, the more of a ripple effect that’s going to be seen once things are back to normal (or whatever passes for normal). One such impact is going to be in future release dates. Productions that either haven’t started[...]

“Time Warp: The Greatest Cult Films Of All Time: Volume 1” Enjoyably Tackles Midnight Madness

I’m a sucker for documentaries about cinema. There’s just something about a doc looking inward on its own medium that compels me. Perhaps it’s just the cinephile in me, yearning to learn as much as possible about as many films as possible? That’s a possibility, but it also could just[...]