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“The Banker” Shines A Light On A Fascinating Story

The key to telling an historical drama, no matter what the subject matter is, often centers on the entertainment factor. Even if the story is deadly serious, if your audience is not having a good time, your ship is sunk. That doesn’t mean a Holocaust movie or a film about[...]

The Top 25: Best Visual Effects Winners

My friends, continuing on with one of the handful of weekly series that I do here at the site…we are talking about the top 25 Oscar winners in just about every single one of the Academy Award categories out there. Aside from the shorts and something like Best Sound Editing[...]

“Run This Town” Manages To Make Rob Ford Boring

Rob Ford was always going to have his story come to the big screen one day. It’s just too juicy and larger than life. Somehow, the story of how Ford, the Mayor of Toronto, was finally caught up in a scandal that stuck, is brought to dull life in Run[...]

Kelly Reichardt Crafts Another Character Study With “First Cow”

Over the years, filmmaker Kelly Reichardt has proven to be a rather steady and unique voice in the world of independent cinema. Largely starting with Old Joy (her breakthrough early feature), Reichardt has crafted a host of quality indies, including Wendy and Lucy, Meek’s Cutoff, Night Moves, and Certain Women.[...]

HBO Is Making “The Last Of Us” Into A Series

Some very interesting breaking news here. Could HBO have figured out how to properly adapt a video game? Maybe games have always been better suited for television? HBO certainly thinks so, as they announced today that they’re going to be taking the hit video game The Last of Us and[...]

Tom Hanks Fights Nazis Again In The Trailer For “Greyhound”

This summer, Tom Hanks is going back to World War II. Not only is he starring in Greyhound, a Navy film set during the war that Hanks is so compelled by, he’s even written the screenplay adaptation. That alone made this one to look forward to in June. Now, we[...]

An Updated Ranking Of Every Pixar Title So Far

Much like I’ve repeatedly said over the past few years, the pinnacle of modern animation can be found within the releases put out by Pixar (now a whopping 22 strong). Ever since they started up with A Bug’s Life, their films have been hotly anticipated, both by critics and audiences[...]

John Magaro Talks “First Cow” And Much More!

Earlier this week, I was honored to meet up with actor John Magaro for a wide ranging conversation. Sitting down in a Manhattan coffee shop with him, we spent over a half hour talking about not just his career, but the directors he’s worked with, how he sees the job[...]

“No Time To Die” Delayed Until November Due To Coronavirus!

Well, this is unexpected. Just a few short moments ago, it was announced that No Time To Die, the 25th James Bond movie, was being pushed back by MGM from its original release date. What makes this so fascinating is not just that the flick was scheduled to come out[...]

Tribeca Film Festival Lineup For 2020 Led By Judd Apatow’s “The King Of Staten Island”

Moments ago, the 2020 Tribeca Film Festival lineup was announced. Highlighting the announcement was the fact that Judd Apatow’s new movie The King of Staten Island will is among the selections. The festival always has a mix of top notch independent titles, as well as a handful of bigger films[...]