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Did “Wonder Woman 1984” Give A Shot In The Arm To HBO Max?

A lot of fuss has been made over studios sending more and more product to their streaming services, where applicable. Obviously, the biggest news of that ilk was related to Warner Bros. and their choice of moving everything in 2021 to HBO Max, as well as making Wonder Woman 1984[...]

Tessa Thompson Confirms Michael B. Jordan Will Direct “Creed III”

A few months ago, word broke the brewing sequel Creed III might be directed by none other than franchise star and namesake Michael B. Jordan. Ryan Coogler helmed the first one, to great acclaim, while Creed II had Steven Caple Jr. step in and do really strong work, as well.[...]

“Da 5 Bloods” Gets A Boost From The North Carolina Film Critics Association

Another critics group has weighed in today, as the precursor season continues. This one is the North Carolina Film Critics Association, and their nominees highlighted a contender that’s currently doing a bit better than expected. It’s Spike Lee’s movie Da 5 Bloods, which some worried would get lost in the[...]

“Wonder Woman 3” Is On The Fast-Track

Hot on the heels of Wonder Woman 1984 coming out this past week, we have some news to report about the next film in the franchise. Simply put, Warner Bros. is anxious to get another sequel out into the world, and have made some moves in that direction. Reports today[...]

“Ready Player Two” Movie Adaptation In The Works?

There are fewer sure things in Hollywood than that there’s an interest in making a sequel to Ready Player One. After all, the Steven Spielberg film is based on a best selling novel by Ernest Cline, did well at the box office, got nominated for an Academy Award, and now[...]

Happy Holidays Everybody!

I just wanted to take a moment to wish everyone a sincere Happy Holidays today. Whether you celebrate Christmas or not (I don’t, for example), I hope it’s a good day for you all. I also know it likely won’t be the day that many usually count on, so I[...]

Could “Dune” Still Be An Exclusive Theatrical Release?

We’re all still digesting the recent news that Warner Bros. is going to be putting all of their 2021 slate on HBO Max, as well as in theaters. It’s a massive shift for tentpole releases, obviously. Moreover, we learned that the filmmakers and producers of the WB movies were largely[...]

Golden Globes Re-Categorize Several Award Contenders

Yesterday saw the Hollywood Foreign Press Association chime in and really do their part to upend this already unusual awards season. The HFPA, which puts on the Golden Globe Awards each year, did a review of what studios had sent them, category and eligibility wise. The result was several contenders[...]

Trailer Drops For “Coming 2 America”

Eddie Murphy is back in one of his most iconic roles. Yes, Prince Akeem (well, now King Akeem) is again going to tickle our funny bones. A sequel to Coming to America had long been spoken about, but it finally happened. Moreover, we now have a Trailer for Coming 2[...]

The Hollywood Critics Association Releases Their Initial Wave Of Honorary Awards

A new critics group can potentially struggle to separate themselves from the pack. Thankfully, the Hollywood Critics Association (or HCA, for short) does not have that problem. Chairman and founder Scott Menzel (full disclosure, an industry colleague and friend of mine) has managed to do a lot in a very[...]