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“End Of Sentence” Awkwardly Pairs John Hawkes With Logan Lerman

The pairing of John Hawkes and Logan Lerman as father and son was always going to be an interesting one. Unfortunately, it’s a shame that End of Sentence doesn’t do more with that duo. While both are somewhat playing against type, the film surrounding them is so slight and so[...]

Ted Geoghegan Talks Being A Jack Of All Trades, Forgotten Film History, And His New Radio Show “This Is Not A Story About…”

Ted Geoghegan is a jack of all trades. Not only is he a filmmaker, having helmed the very well received movies We Are Still Here and Mohawk, he’s a successful publicist. When not making films, he’s promoting others that he’s passionate about. Now, he’s also added podcaster to the mix,[...]

Apple Will Partner With Paramount For Martin Scorsese’s Upcoming Film “Killers Of The Flower Moon”

After becoming one of the biggest filmmakers to work with Netflix, releasing The Irishman through the streaming giant last year, Martin Scorsese is potentially going to be a trailblazer yet again. With costs rising on his next movie, an adaptation of the book Killers of the Flower Moon, Paramount has[...]

Tom Cruise Is Going To Space With Doug Liman

In case you missed the recent news, Tom Cruise is planning to actually go to space for an upcoming film. Partnering with Elon Musk’s SpaceX and NASA, Cruise is going to be starring in an adventure movie that will contain sequences actually shot in outer space. Crazy, right? Well, knowing[...]

Zack Snyder’s Cut Of “Justice League” Is Coming Next Year…Is That A Good Or A Bad Thing?

For some, a dream has come true. For others, toxic fandom has run wild. Then, for many, there’s just puzzlement over just what the hell the fuss is over a so called “Snyder Cut” of Justice League? After the recent news that DC fans were going to be getting this[...]

“The High Note” Presents An Enjoyably Simple Tune To Hum Along With

A personal assistant gets a front row seat to both the most glamorous and mundane moments in their employer’s life. There are opportunities for some pretty funny, as well as rather dramatic, moments within that concept. The musical drama The High Note, hitting Premium Video on Demand this week, takes[...]

“The Outpost” Trailer Sends Filmmaker Rod Lurie Into A War-Zone (With An Actual Theatrical Release Planned)

Rod Lurie is an incredibly underrated director. In particular, his three political films in The Contender, Deterrence, and Nothing but the Truth, really are phenomenal works. Catching up on an exciting new Trailer from earlier in the week, we have Lurie’s latest movie, the Afghanistan war drama The Outpost. Not[...]

The Top 25: Best Production Design Winners

Welcome back to this series!, Yes, it’s time for another Top 25. Today, I’ll be knocking off another one of the technical categories, with this one being the always elaborate Best Production Design field. The category is usually a feast for the eyes, but there’s plenty more to it than[...]

“Inheritance” Has Too Much Confidence In Its Twist But Still Offers B-Movie Excitement

Can a bad twist ruin a good movie? Can a good twist save a flawed film? Are both possible? These are the sorts of things that run through your head when watching a flick that’s overly reliant on a third act surprise. Inheritance, out today, certainly thinks it’s being more[...]

Christopher Nolan’s “Tenet” Captivates With A New Trailer

Good evening! A little bit earlier on in the night, a new Trailer dropped for Christopher Nolan’s new film, Tenet. The mysterious movie, Nolan’s follow up to Dunkirk, has revealed some more of itself, though the July 17th release date is no longer in evidence. That’s curious, but for now,[...]