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“Avatar” Sequels Join The Glut Of Productions Shutting Down Due To Coronavirus

No matter the size of the production, the impact of the Coronavirus outbreak is being felt, and in many cases, being felt in a significant way. Over the course of the last handful of days, numerous films have halted production, pulled their releases, and just essentially gotten out of the[...]

Razzie Awards Crown “Cats” As Worst Picture

Why not take a look at the lighter side of the film industry for a moment, right? The 40th Annual Golden Raspberry Awards were just held, albeit without an audience, culminating in Cats pulling a sweep, including of course the coveted (?) prize of Worst Picture. A total of six[...]

Universal Is About To Release New Movies Straight To VOD

This might be a game changer, ladies and gentlemen. As movie theaters shutter in New York and Los Angeles, the film world could be largely devoid of new releases until some time in the summer. However, a potential solution has arisen and given the industry a possible excuse to finally[...]

“The Matrix” Joins The List Of Productions Shut Down By Coronavirus

Somehow, this is becoming almost normal to report. Today, here in New York, it’s the last day that bars, gyms, restaurants, and of course, movie theaters, will be open. Schools are closed for at least a month. California is, I believe, in the same boat with almost all of these[...]

The Top 25: Best Original Song Winners

In times like this, distractions are important. So, continuing on with this weekly series (or twice weekly in a few instances) I’m doing here at the site, we’re talking the top 25 Oscar winners in just about every single one of the Academy Award categories out there for us to[...]

“The Postcard Killings” Needs To Be Returned To Sender

There was a time when a serial killer film, based on a novel written in part by James Patterson, would be a hot commodity in Hollywood. In fact, at one point, The Postcard Killers (the novel’s original name) had no less than famed cinematographer Janusz Kamiński signed to direct, after[...]

Box Office Report For March 13-15

Welcome back one and all to the weekly box office report! As is always the case, each and every Sunday you can expect a look at what made the most money in theaters, as well as just how all of the new releases fared. Of course, this week, we have[...]

“The Batman” Is The Latest In Production Film To Halt Production Due To Coronavirus

Hopefully these updates slow down, but at the moment, each and every single day brings something new to report, in terms of the Coronavirus spread affecting Hollywood. Today, it’s the news that Matt Reeves’ The Batman, starring Robert Pattinson as Bruce Wayne/The Caped Crusader, has halted production (how quickly times[...]

Updated Advance Predictions For March!

Happy Birthday to me! What better way to celebrate being a 33 year old Oscar prognosticator than to updated predictions on the big day? Plus, with so many film related items being about cancelations and delays (with more surely to come), this is a welcome, if momentary, moment of something[...]

“The Dog Doc” Gives Hope To Animal Lovers

Anyone with a pet knows how intensely painful it is to see them suffer and not know how to help. For many, a trip to the veterinarian ultimately ends in a sad goodbye. The new documentary, The Dog Doc, looks at a vet trying a new way to save our[...]