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What If The Academy Only Considered The Films Out In Release Right Now?

Time for an interesting little thought experiment. We all know that the upcoming Oscar ceremony has been delayed into April, with Academy Award hopefuls getting until the end of February to be released for consideration. However, today I want to think about what the Academy’s choices would be if they[...]

“aTypical Wednesday” Depicts A Largely Typical Dramedy

Sometimes, a film’s name can be part of its undoing. Despite the suggestions of its title, aTypical Wednesday follows a mostly typical route in telling its story. A vehicle for actor and now writer/director J. Lee, this movie feels like something we used to see all the time at the[...]

Jon Stewart Crafts A Subversive Political Satire With “Irresistible”

Back during his time hosting The Daily Show, Jon Stewart was among the smartest and most biting political satirists out there. Ever since he departed, Stewart’s voice has been missing from the day to day discourse. Now, for his sophomore feature as a filmmaker, he’s tackling a political satire with[...]

Eddie Pence Hangs Out And Discusses The Unique World Of Stand-Up Comedy During A Pandemic

If you’re a connoisseur of podcasts, you probably know the name Eddie Pence. If so, you know just how hilarious he is. If not, you’re missing out on the work of a truly talented comedian. Whether it’s as the Vice-Host to Ralph Garman on The Ralph Report (heard here on[...]

The Top 25: Best Adapted Screenplay Winners

A very Happy Father’s Day to all you dads out there! Here we go again folks with another Top 25 article today. This time around I’ll be tackling one of the big eight categories in an effort not to save them all for last. Adapted Screenplay field. The category is[...]

“Time Warp: The Greatest Cult Films Of All Time: Volume 3” Chuckles About Comedy And Camp

Rejoice film fans! Those of you who can’t get enough of cinema, and in particular fans of genre fare, are in for another treat. Two months ago, Time Warp: The Greatest Cult Films of All Time series kicked off with a first volume centered on midnight movies, followed last month[...]

Shannon Murphy Talks “Babyteeth”

One feature film in, director Shannon Murphy is already making a name for herself. The sometimes actress and filmmaker, Murphy was previously best known for her television direction, include a pair of Killing Eve episodes, but Babyteeth is changing all of that. The new movie, out now, is a tremendous[...]

Updated Academy Award Predictions For The Middle Of June!

Here in June, there’s actually a bit of Oscar chatter to be had. For one thing, an Academy Award worthy contender in Da 5 Bloods has opened (as has The King of Staten Island, though that’s likely to be more of a fringe player, give or take in the Best[...]

“Babyteeth” Finds Heart And Quirk In A Tragic Situation

There’s a version of Babyteeth that could have been made which would have overplayed the quirk and cuteness factor. Luckily, no one involved in this movie is looking to do that. There are times where that method is needed, but here, it’s all about the heart of the matter. Babyteeth[...]

“7500” Cinematographer Sebastian Thaler And Production Designer Thorsten Sabel Discuss The Look Of The Film

Often lost in the shuffle of making a quality film are the crew. While a director and the cast get most of the credit, followed by the writer, below the line talent don’t often get their due. When they do, it’s mostly limited to the cinematography and the score. What[...]