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“The Way I See It” Is A Quietly Powerful Reminder Of A Different Kind Of President

Photographing a President is about as apolitical a job as it gets. At least, that’s how it traditionally was. For Pete Souza, he was simply a photojournalist, albeit one of the most respected ones in the political sphere, until the most recent election, that is. This transformation, as well as[...]

Netflix Brings The Teaser Trailer For “The Trial Of The Chicago 7” To Court

Last night, during Sunday Night Football, Netflix debuted our first look at one of the year’s biggest award hopefuls. Yes, we finally got to see Aaron Sorkin’s The Trial of the Chicago 7 in action. The project has been in development for years, with directors attached to Sorkin’s script that[...]

Haley Lu Richardson Shines In “Unpregnant,” Which Deftly Mixes Road Trip Comedy And Righteous Anger

It’s impossible to watch Haley Lu Richardson and not see that she’s a star in the making. She just has that “it factor” about her. In a fairly short period of time, she’s established herself as someone to really watch. Richardson is rarely given starring roles, so far at least,[...]

“Nomadland” Takes The Top Prize At The Venice Film Festival

The first major award of 2020, and in particular, the 2020 fall film festival season, has now been given out. The Venice Film Festival announced their prize winners, with the top prize, known as the Golden Lion, going to Chloe Zhao’s Nomadland. This cements the movie as an early player,[...]

“The Social Dilemma” Presents Interesting Questions In A Puzzling Manner

It’s no secret that social media has left an indelible mark on the world. Whether it’s more of a positive or a negative mark depends on who you are and how you view its impact. The new documentary, The Social Dilemma, certainly is of the opinion that it’s doing major[...]

Films To Look Forward To At The 2020 New York Film Festival

The 58th New York Film Festival is right around the corner. Early next week, the virtual press screenings begin, while the fest officially starts up on September 17th (running from then all the way until October 11th). Obviously, the festival is a lot different than in years past, what with[...]

“Wonder Woman 1984” Delays Its Release Date Once Again

Princess Diana can’t catch a break. Even after thrilling folks with a new Trailer recently during the DC Fandome, Wonder Woman 1984 is still moving back on the movie release calendar. With Warner Bros. still figuring out how to get Tenet to the masses, there just isn’t room for multiple[...]

A Teaser Trailer Wandered On To Our Screens This Week For “Nomadland”

Sometimes, a Trailer doesn’t have to do much. If it only gives you a taste of what’s to come…well, it’s a Teaser Trailer, but it’s also whetting your appetite. Earlier in the week, we got just such a Teaser, and it’s for a major Academy Award contender in Nomadland coming[...]

The Academy Is Adding Diversity Requirements For Best Picture Contenders!

Wow. Some big news about the future of how the Academy Awards are going to determine eligibility came through on Tuesday night. In short, Oscar is finally trying to make a more concerted effort to reflect the world that films come from. To that end, movies will have to meet[...]

“Dune” Reveals Itself With An Epic Trailer

Despite the presence of an A-list cast and crew, yours truly has been skeptical about Dune for a while, both in terms of its awards possibilities, as well as just its overall chance of success. The novel is a hard one to adapt, the David Lynch film version we got[...]