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Paris Hilton “I Am Still a Tomboy”

It’s nice to hear that there is another side to Paris that has nothing to do with glamour, miniskirts, and late night parties. “She’s already created a fashion empire of handbags, fragrances and hair extensions, and now Paris Hilton has a new addition to her style stable, with two more[...]

Rihanna + Leaked Naked Photos

Finally, Rihanna is taking a stand for herself and showing the world that she is indeed a strong woman, no matter what the consequences are. “Most celebrities would be mortified if private naked photos of themselves were leaked onto the internet for the whole world to see. But not Rihanna.[...]

Victoria Beckham Having Foot Surgery

What a ladies got to do to keep up her appearance… “Victoria Beckham is rarely photographed without wearing heels. And although she may look great, years of standing tall has finally taken its toll on her. According to Ok! UK, Victoria is having foot surgery to remove bunions that have[...]

Alicia Keys inspires w/ jewelry

I always am drawn towards jewelry that has meaning to it, not just something out there to rack up some dollars. With prices ranging from $85-$2,500, there will be something for everyone no matter what their price range is. Go Alicia! “Singer Alicia Keys has won fans with her music[...]

Michelle Obama’s Dinner Gown

This shows you how one star can turn anyone into an overnight success. “First Lady Michelle Obama made Jason Wu a household name when she wore his white gown to the presidential Inaugural ball, and she’s bound to have the name Naeem Khan on the tongues of women across the[...]

Paris and Doug Moving Out

Considering Paris’ track record with being one of the top Hollywood party goers, it’s no surprise to hear that they’ve made a lasting statement at their home as well. “Paris Hilton and Doug may be popular in the world of Entertainment but their anything but with this Hollywood Hills neighbors.[...]

Diddy To Sell Fragrance on HSN

Now, who really is going to buy a fragrance on tv without testing out the smell in person? Does this make any sense at all? “From hip hop to home shopping! Media and design mogul Diddy has just announced that he’s heading to HSN to debut his best-selling fragrances I Am[...]

Khloe Kardashian buys a home

I’m not sure who really needs 9 bathrooms, but apparently Khloe and Lamar do. “Newlyweds Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom have bought their first home together — a multi-million dollar pad!” Read more from ET Online[...]

Tim Burton’s influence on fashion

“It is a paradox of fashion that the film director Tim Burton, a man who regularly lands on worst-dressed lists along with his partner and muse Helena Bonham Carter; a man often excoriated for his matted hair and onion-peel layers of clothes, is also one of the most aesthetically influential[...]

Nike unleashes new iPhone app

“At this point, Nike has hundreds of thousands of sneaker designs in their Nike iD vault.  They’ve been created by designers, by celebrities, and by sneaker fiends who’ve scored appointments at various iD studios around the world.Now Nike’s opening their vault of original designs through their snappy iPhone App.  You[...]