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Sam Mendes Wins The Directors Guild Award!

Well, the Directors Guild of America has had their say this evening. A few minutes ago, Sam Mendes was awarded the top prize from the DGA, wrapping up an Academy Award win in the process. Mark it down, folks. Mendes will win his second Oscar in Best Director for 1917,[...]

Remember: Listen To The Hollywood News Podcast!

Happy Saturday, everyone! Just another friendly reminder about our podcast, ladies and gentlemen. For those of you who haven’t already noticed, a few weeks ago we launched the Hollywood News Podcast once again! On the right side of the home page, you’ll see an image that will take you to[...]

Today Is A Huge Precursor Day!

In case you thought it was going to be a quiet Saturday, think again. Tonight is one of the bigger precursor days of the season, with several awards being given out that could tangibly impact the Oscar race. Without question, Academy Award voters will be paying attention, as American Society[...]

Updated Academy Award Predictions After ACE Eddie, PGA, And SAG

After a number of important Guilds and precursors have chimed in, do we know more about the Oscar race? Well, yes and no. Notable Academy Award precursors like the ACE Eddie prize, the Producers Guild Award, and the Screen Actors Guild Awards have come and gone. Some contenders, like Quentin[...]

Taylor Swift And “Zola”: Films To Look Forward To This Year At Sundance

Today kicks off the Sundance Film Festival, the premiere independent film festival in the industry. Every year, Sundance is home to a ton of quality indie titles, as well as furious buying frenzies as distributors hope to suck up the next big thing. Last year, movies like Blinded by the[...]

“The Last Full Measure” Is A Restrained Crusade For Justice

There are a few different movies competing for attention within The Last Full Measure. One is a traditional Vietnam War tale. Another is a political drama about the gridlock in Washington that can politicize even the most basic of acts. Yet another is a portrait of grief. They all bounce[...]

Taking A Look Back On Year In Advance Predictions As Awards Season Heads Into The Final Stretch

Once again friends, here’s an opportunity for me to embarrass myself. Back at the start of last March, I posted my year in advance predictions for this Oscar season. As is always the case, these picks are never even close to accurate. One year, I managed to get about half[...]

Best Picture Is Now A Race Between “1917,” “Once Upon a Time…In Hollywood,” And “Parasite”

Something has become pretty clear over the past week or so. Well, a number of things, in relation to the Academy Awards, but today we’re focusing on one thing in particular, which is the Best Picture race. Specifically, it’s the fact that the Oscar category is now down to three[...]

26th Screen Actors Guild Awards Highlight The Oscar Frontrunners

Seconds ago, the 26th annual Screen Actors Guild Awards came to an end. SAG voters had the option to confirm the frontrunners or upend the race. Unsurprisingly, they went almost entirely with the former, though an argument can be made that they did something pretty interesting with the latter. While[...]

Tonight Brings The SAG Awards!

Later this evening, the Screen Actors Guild will chime in with their annual SAG Awards ceremony. This will mark one more pivotal point in the season, as Academy Award voters will shortly be making their final decisions. As such, the Guild will again be a powerful indicator for Oscar, or[...]