"The Way I See It" Is A Quietly Powerful Reminder Of A Different Kind Of President                Netflix Brings The Teaser Trailer For "The Trial Of The Chicago 7" To Court                Haley Lu Richardson Shines In "Unpregnant," Which Deftly Mixes Road Trip Comedy And Righteous Anger                "Nomadland" Takes The Top Prize At The Venice Film Festival                "The Social Dilemma" Presents Interesting Questions In A Puzzling Manner                Films To Look Forward To At The 2020 New York Film Festival                "Wonder Woman 1984" Delays Its Release Date Once Again                A Teaser Trailer Wandered On To Our Screens This Week For "Nomadland"                The Academy Is Adding Diversity Requirements For Best Picture Contenders!                "Dune" Reveals Itself With An Epic Trailer                Trailer Drops For The Remake Of "Rebecca"                "Nail In The Coffin: The Fall And Rise Of Vampiro" Follows The Redemption Of A Potentially Tragic Figure                "Tenet" Is Poised To Open To Over $20 Million This Weekend At The Domestic Box Office                Robert Pattinson Tests Positive For COVID-19 And Halts Production Of "The Batman"                "The Argument" Masks Its Creativity Before Embracing Its Weirdness        


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Intense Trailer Drops For Oscar Contender “Ammonite”

One of the more highly anticipated titles of the 2020 awards season is undoubtedly Francis Lee’s Ammonite, a romantic drama starring Saoirse Ronan and Kate Winslet. All of those ingredients clearly spells out Oscar player (seriously, especially with the cast, it screams prestige). However, we’d been speculating about its Academy[...]

“You Cannot Kill David Arquette” Is A Fascinating Documentary About The Actor Tackling Wrestling Once Again

David Arquette is known for a few things. He’s best recognized as Deputy Dewey Riley in the Scream franchise of films, of course. However, he’s also famous, or perhaps infamous, for being an actor who cameoed for a time in World Championship Wrestling (better known as WCW). Not only did[...]

Eddie Pence Returns To Talk About His (Un)Special Comedy Special!

One of our most popular guests is back for more! Yes, comedian and podcaster Eddie Pence has returned as a guest on the Hollywood News Podcast, this time to more solely talk about the world of stand-up comedy, as well as promote his upcoming special. Like I mentioned last time,[...]

“The Batman” Swoops In With A First Trailer And First Good Look At Robert Pattinson As The Caped Crusader

Yesterday at DC Fandome, Warner Bros. finally gave fans a first true look at The Batman. Ever since Matt Reeves took over the project from Ben Affleck and decided to go in a different direction with the property, anticipation has been sky-high. First, there was the casting of Robert Pattinson[...]

Scott Turner Schofield Talks About “Becoming A Man In 127 EASY Steps”

Transferring the energy of a one man show to the multimedia format is very hard to pull off. It’s incredibly easy to lose an audience, for any number of reasons. However, when you do it right, it can be powerful stuff, especially when something essential like the trans experience is[...]

“Wonder Woman 1984” Launches A Thrilling New Trailer!

Going on right now is DC FanDome, a Comic-Con style event for the DC universe of films. Obviously, conventions in a traditional sense can’t happen right now, so this virtual idea may well flourish. To kick it off, Warner Bros has whet the appetite of blockbuster fans with a brand[...]

“Tesla” Sees Ethan Hawke Play The Groundbreaking Inventor

Ethan Hawke is an actor capable of doing just about anything. We’ve seen him tackle, over the years, nearly all genres and all sizes of production, winning acclaim consistently. Here, with Tesla, he’s apparently going the prestige biopic route, though looks can be deceiving. While the appearance here is of[...]

Christopher Nolan’s “Tenet” Finally Reveals Itself With A First Wave Of Reviews!

Earlier today, the Tenet embargo lifted for those select few critics in places like the United Kingdom. Obviously, this latest Christopher Nolan work has been even more hushed and wrapped in secrecy than usual for him. Nolan always liked to cloak his films in an aura of mystery, so this[...]

“Ravage” Is An Unwaveringly Brutal Tale Of Survival (With A Bruce Dern Bonus)

Grindhouse type fare is a lost art. Whether it’s a horror effort or a thriller, being grim, gritty, and even gross is something that small scale filmmakers used to pursue to a far greater extent. Obviously, Robert Rodriguez and Quentin Tarantino tried to recapture the glory with the literal titled[...]

Jay Baruchel Chats About Horror And “Random Acts Of Violence”

Most of you know Jay Baruchel from his comedy work. Sure, he’s a very talented comedic actor, but his talents run far deeper than that. Behind the camera, he co-wrote the sports dramedy Goon, as well as co-writing and also directing its sequel Goon: Last of the Enforcers. Now, nearly[...]