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Review Round-Up: “Bethany Hamilton: Unstoppable” And “Trespassers”

Happy Friday! As the weekend hits, we are bringing back the review round-up in order to cover a couple of new titles arriving in theaters on a limited basis. Today, we’ll be briefly discussing two particular films, both of which are quite different from each other (a pattern with these[...]

“The Farewell” Announces Awkwafina As A Major Talent

Ever since the Sundance Film Festival, buzz has been building for The Farewell. Poised to be one of the fest’s potential awards season players, the heartfelt drama is opening this week and should begin accruing a number of new fans. Those at Sundance did not overhype this one, as it’s[...]

Young Love Fuels The Coming Of Age Dramedy “Summer Night”

Everyone remembers hanging out during the summer. No matter what part of your youth it was during, being with your friends, feeling out the first pangs of love and sex with significant others, the whole shebang is steeped in positive nostalgia. Actor turned director Joseph Cross taps into that for[...]

“Stuber” Mixes Action With Comedy Through Dave Bautista And Kumail Nanjiani

Action comedies can often feel old fashioned. That’s not a criticism either, just a fact of the matter. They don’t necessarily represent a trip to a whole different era, but more simply a throwback to 1980’s type cinema. As such, it either needs to lean into a modern transgression of[...]

Marc Maron Is A Revelation In Lynn Shelton’s “Sword Of Trust”

For years, filmmaker Lynn Shelton has been making low key independent slice of life movies. In looking at largely ordinary, if quirky, characters throughout her career, Shelton has made quite a niche for herself. This week, her latest outing opens in Sword of Trust, another small scale character based comedy.[...]

Box Office Report For July 5-7

Welcome back everyone to the weekly box office report! Hope all of you had a fun and safe Fourth of July holiday! As you all know with this column, each and every Sunday you can expect a look at what made the most money in theaters, as well as just[...]

“Cold Blood” Is A Completely Generic Action Outing

The presence of Jean Reno in Cold Blood is undoubtedly meant to invoke memories of better movies like Leon: The Professional and Nikita. Sadly, that only exacerbates how poor this is. Cold Blood is a cliched and thoroughly mediocre action flick, trafficking almost exclusively in plot points we’ve seen done[...]

Ranking The Marvel Cinematic Universe As Phase Three Ends

We have come now to the end of Phase Three for the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The just released Spider-Man: Far From Home represents an end to this part of the MCU and a pause before a new era gets underway. Next year will bring about Phase Four, with some very[...]

“Phil” Marks The Directorial Debut Of Greg Kinnear

Whenever an actor steps behind the camera, one can’t help but wonder why they chose the material that they chose for their debut. It doesn’t matter whether you’re Bradley Cooper remaking A Star Is Born last year or Greg Kinnear this week with Phil. You just are inherently curious. It’s[...]

Ari Aster Proves He’s A One Of A Kind Voice In Horror With “Midsommar”

Last year, Hereditary announced the arrival of a unique filmmaker in Ari Aster. Regardless of whether you loved or hated the movie, it was a distinctive vision, one that was impossible to ignore. Now, this week brings Aster’s sophomore outing in Midsummer, and he’s upped his game, both in terms[...]
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