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Updated Oscar Predictions For August

As the summer wraps up, the fall film festival season will be launching next week, if you can believe it. With that, a new set of Academy Award predictions is definitely needed. By the time September hits, a number of movies with awards aspirations will have debuted, hoping to attract[...]

Jillian Bell Shines As “Brittany Runs A Marathon”

Back at the 2019 Sundance Film Festival, one of Amazon Studios’ biggest acquisitions to date was the dramedy Brittany Runs a Marathon. On the surface, it appears like the sort of movie that Sundance generates each year. A mixture of comedy and drama, with a comic actor or actress showing[...]

In “Angel Has Fallen,” Gerard Butler Again Tries To Save A President

When Olympus Has Fallen was released back in 2013, I don’t think anyone assumed it was the start of a franchise. Meant more as a quick way to beat White House Down to theaters (that was the year Hollywood decided that attacks on The White House were the trend to[...]

“American Factory” Is An Engaging Blue Collar Documentary

The heartland of America is not where you would initially think to go in order to find cooperation between American factory workers and a giant Chinese company. And yet, that’s exactly what is being depicted and explored in the new Netflix documentary American Factory, the first film to come out[...]

“Ready Or Not” Is A Horror Comedy Riot

A little out of nowhere, Ready or Not has gotten on the radar of the film community. A few months ago, a trailer dropped and really caught some interest on the internet. Well, having seen the movie last month, I can vouch for it being worth all the presumed fuss.[...]

Box Office Report For August 16-18

Welcome back one and all to the weekly box office report! As always, each and every single Sunday you can expect a look at what made the most money in theaters, as well as just how all of the new releases fared. This week, the raunchy comedy Good Boys is[...]

The Top 25 Best Picture Winners To Date

Alas. All good things must come to an end at some point. Yes folks, this is the final installment of the second go-around of this series of mine, and as such, it’s (hopefully) a bit of a doozy…the Best Picture field. Without a doubt, this is the big one, so[...]

You’ll Never Guess What Is Real In “The Amazing Johnathan Documentary”

Among cult magicians, The Amazing Johnathan stands out from the pack. His mix of magic and stand up comedy is truly unique. So, on the surface, his persona alone would make for a good documentary. However, The Amazing Johnathan Documentary has way more up its sleeve than that, no pun[...]

“Driven” Has Fun With Part Of The John DeLorean Story

Who is more of a fascinating individual than John DeLorean? The maker of the automobile of the same name is just as well known for that car as being involved in shady drug dealings. Some remember him as a genius in the auto field, but most think of him either[...]

Raunchy Humor Mixes With Tween Innocence In The Hilarious Comedy “Good Boys”

Sometimes, a slight bait and switch is a good thing. You’d be forgiven for thinking that Good Boys was going to be nothing but utter filth. Sure, it’s a clear raunch fest, but that’s not the true tale of this film. They’re actually peddling a message here. Filthy as the[...]