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The Top 25: Best Costume Design Winners

Howdy! We’re back at it, folks, continuing on with this weekly series of mine that I’m doing here at the site. Yes, we’re talking the top 25 Oscar winners in just about every single one of the Academy Award categories out there. Aside from the shorts and something like Best[...]

“Behind You” Never Generates Legitimate Scares

Especially in times like this, a good fright flick can often cure what ails you. A bad one, however, can be a trying thing to sit through. Unfortunately, for a multitude of reasons, the new film Behind You is a bad one. Derivative, lacking in scares, monotonous, and just overall[...]

Drake Doremus Discusses His Unique Process And His New Film “Endings, Beginnings”

If you love emotional cinema, you should be a fan of filmmaker Drake Doremus, if you aren’t already. From his breakthrough Like Crazy, to other efforts like Breathe In, Equals, Newness, and Zoe, he’s been a storyteller with one of the biggest beating hearts out there. This week, his newest[...]

Pixar’s “Soul” Is The Latest Film To Change Release Dates Due To Coronavirus

A June release date was always looking very optimistic for Pixar’s latest effort, the musical and spiritual Soul. It’s clear that Disney would love to be the first company to welcome audiences back into the movie theaters with open arms, but after they moved their Marvel Cinematic Universe offering Black[...]

“Endings, Beginnings” Is Another Emotional Showcase For Drake Doremus And A Terrific Shailene Woodley Vehicle

At this point, it’s easy to spot a Drake Doremus film when you see one. There are certain hallmarks that are clearly visible, over a half dozen works into his career. For some, his approach to storytelling doesn’t work. For others, it’s an emotional and often riveting way to invest[...]

Did “Trolls World Tour” Just Change The Way We’re Going To Be Watching New Release Movies?

This weekend may end up being an incredibly important one in the history of cinema. Why, you ask? Well, Trolls World Tour opted to skip a theatrical release entirely (as opposed to delaying and coming out later in the summer or the fall, once the Coronavirus pandemic subsided), debuting as[...]

The Top 25: Best Supporting Actor Winners

Happy Saturday to you all (even though time has lost all meaning, these days). In any event, it’s time for a little bit of weekend fun! Continuing on with this weekly series I’m doing for the site, we’re in the midst of talking the top 25 Oscar winners in just[...]

Updated Academy Award Predictions For April!

First of all, I hope everyone is staying safe. That’s the most important thing. By comparison, the Oscars are meaningless. However, I know there are plenty of people who look forward to advance predictions and their subsequent updates, so I don’t want to let anyone down. So, bellow you’ll see[...]

“The Lost Husband” Finds Too Many Cliches

Being “nice” can sometimes be a backhanded compliment. A romantic film, one seeking to warm an audience’s heart, usually doesn’t have too much of an edge. There’s nothing wrong with being “nice,” especially when the material calls for it. However, when you wind up with something that’s only “nice” and[...]

Alexandra Daddario Leads A Solid Cast In “We Summon The Darkness”

A film should never be overly reliant upon a twist. When done right, sudden turns in a plot can spice things up, as we’ve seen countless times in cinema. However, the wrong handling of a twist can really mess up a work. Luckily, despite leaning too heavily upon a twist[...]