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The 2019 Independent Spirit Award Nominations Are Led By “The Lighthouse” And ‘Uncut Gems”

Moments ago, the Film Independent Spirit Award nominations for 2019 were announced. Though pulling from a very different crop than the Academy Awards do, the Spirit Awards do have some cross over each year. While success here assures a title of little, making moves with this group never hurts while[...]

“Frozen II” Is A Music-Filled Sequel To The Smash Hit Animated Tale

When Frozen came out over half a decade ago and, no pun intended, set the world on fire, it was only a matter of time until Disney made a sequel. Now, Frozen II arrives, hoping to recapture the magic of that global cinematic sensation. Though not on the same level[...]

“A Beautiful Day In The Neighborhood” Is The Most Important Film Of 2019

We need Mr. Rogers now more than ever. One look at the news not only confirms that, but can easily lead to despair. Last May, when I gave a rave review to the biographical documentary Won’t You Be My Neighbor?, I included this notion on social media: “Television gave us[...]

Updated Oscar Predictions For Mid November

On Thursday, the Independent Spirit Awards will unveil their nominations. While that precursor doesn’t directly tie in with how Oscar voters cast their ballots, it does provide a window into what some of the major indie contenders might be. In that realm, it’ll be interesting to see what the smaller[...]

Box Office Report For November 15-17

Welcome back one and all to the weekly box office report! As is always the case, each and every Sunday you can expect a look at what made the most money in theaters, as well as just how all of the new releases fared. This week, a potential blockbuster is[...]

James Badge Dale And Camila Morrone Ground “Mickey And The Bear”

Old fashioned independent films, ones that are content just to observe realistic people as they navigate the world, well…they’re becoming rarer and rarer. In part, the demands of the box office limit these endeavors, but it only takes one filmmaker to remind you how vital they can be. This week,[...]

“Ford v Ferrari” Is A High Octane Crowd Pleaser

The thrill of driving a car at high speeds is one that many share. At the same time, the sport of auto racing is hard to compelling depict on screen. Car chases are a cinematic staple, but that’s a completely different beast. More often than not, racing movies focus as[...]

Adam Driver Is On A Quest For The Truth In “The Report”

A cursory glance at the television these days, especially when the news is on, gives ample evidence of how complicated it is in the political world to try and seek out the truth. People and groups with different sorts of politics can see the same information and find different truths[...]

“Waves” Is A Stunning Work Of Emotional Brilliance

What an incredible evolution filmmaker Trey Edward Shults has gone through in just a few short years. As much as his debut Krisha, as well as his sophomore outing It Comes At Night, hinted at his talents, this week we see the true measure of his abilities. Waves is not[...]

Elizabeth Banks And Kristen Stewart Are An Odd Fit For “Charlie’s Angels”

On the surface, now seems like the absolute perfect time to reboot Charlie’s Angels. Hollywood is always hoping to find the next big franchise, female led vehicles are in demand, and it’s all the better when handed to a director who happens not to be a man. And yet, this[...]