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Switchfoot to record a song with a fan for charity San Diego band Switchfoot, comprised of Jon Foreman, Tim Foreman, Chad Butler, Jerome Fontamillas, and Drew Shirley, have been known to inspire fans with their inspirational lyrics. Now they are offering a once in a lifetime opportunity for one of their lucky fans out there. The band have teamed[...]

Adam Lambert visits the Ellen Degeneres show

By Greg Hernandez Adam Lambert is everywhere these days and I love it! He tells Ellen DeGeneres in an interview airing today that he is “having a blast” with his post-Idol career. Ellen is mighty impressed with the lad: “You’re in a league of your own. You have such[...]

Justin Bieber reclaims top Billboard albums chart spot Justin Bieber has already claimed Twitter as his official home, dominating the trending topic day after day. His first album garnered three hit singles including “One Less Lonely Girl,” “Love Me,” and “Favorite Girl.” His latest album, “My World 2.0,” debuted at number one on the Canada, Irish, Australian,[...]

Ryan Seacrest thinks Adam Lambert and Simon have a lot in common Ever since Adam Lambert made his “American Idol” appearance this season mentoring the contestants, there has been a lot of speculation surrounding his future. With the impending departure of judge favorite Simon Cowell, there have been a lot of rumors as to who FOX is going to get to[...]

Amy Winehouse back in hospital Some good news and bad news for Amy Winehouse. Let’s start with the bad: The soul singer checked herself into the London Clinic in Mayfair after a heavy round with the bottle. It’s her fourth admittance in a six month period. “She’s there because she had a load to[...]

Lady Gaga … fashion intern? Most people have to intern before they reach their full-time gig. But then again, Lady Gaga doesn’t ever do things by the book. So it’s no real surprise that the innovative pop singer has requested an internship. And it’s no real surprise, given her fashion statements, who she’d like[...]

Justin Bieber got a tattoo. No, really, seriously. There are various rites of manhood. Some fathers like to take their sons for a spin at the brothel. Other fathers share a beer with them, while a whole other subset take their male spawn to the shooting range. Jeremy Bieber, father of Justin, took his pop singer son[...]

Justin Bieber nominated for a black entertainment award Justin Bieber got a nomination on Tuesday for a 2010 Black Entertainment Television (BET) award. We are confused. Doesn’t BET honor black singers, actors, actresses and athletes? BET’s President of Music Programing and Specials, Stephen Hill, said that “Bieber has crossed the color boundaries the same way that hip-hop[...]

Country Hottie Blake Shelton In No Hurry to Jump into Acting

By Marilyn Beck and Stacy Jenel Smith Hunky country star Blake Shelton looks mighty good on those videos of his like “Home” and “Hillbilly Bone,” and would appear to have acting potential as well. No wonder he’s had some inquiries from Hollywood. So, does he want to add film[...]

Lady Gaga acts on her Queen of England fetish It makes sense for a method actor to go the distance in terms of getting into character, however, Lady Gaga is going off the deep end in embracing her British fetish. Lady Gaga wants to be her Majesty Gaga. She is obsessed with the Queen of England after meeting[...]