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Brett Haley Chats About His Wide-Ranging Filmmaking Interests And His New Movie “All Together Now”

Brett Haley wants to make a ton of different kinds of films. That much is clear just looking at the movies he’s made over his short yet productive career. Efforts like I’ll See You in My Dreams, The Hero, Hearts Beat Loud, All the Bright Places, and All Together Now showcase a diverse interest that supersedes any one style in particular. Haley has said as much, including to me last week when we shared a Zoom call to discuss All Together Now. Having moderated a weekend of Q&A events three years ago with him, Sam Elliott, and Laura Prepon, for the opening of The Hero (remember when you could be in the same room with people), we know each other a bit, which hopefully makes the following conversation an easy listen.

Below you can find my chat with Haley. We touch on All Together Now (my rave review of which can be found right here) as well as the various interests and subjects he wants to tackle as a filmmaker. It’s a really interesting discussion, and I can vouch for him being a really good guy, in addition to a hell of a director, so I hope that comes across in the interview. Fair warning, Zoom is still a little wonky for me, so there’s a bit of distortion here and there, but the tech folks at Netflix did their best to guide me through it. I left some of that in there so you can hear the process, warts and all, but the meat of it all, Haley’s answers, are there for you to dig into.

Here now is my interview with Brett Haley. Enjoy:

Be sure to check out All Together Now, available today on Netflix!

David Arquette Discusses Being Filmed For A Documentary And Re-Entering The Wrestling World

Up until now, a conversation about wrestling with David Arquette likely would have been an awkward one to have. After all, the actor and wrestling fan has long been considered to have participated in one of the sport’s worst moments, winning the WCW World Heavyweight Championship in 2000. However, now with the documentary You Cannot Kill David Arquette (my review can be found here) out in drive-ins and hitting VOD on Friday, he’s been open about the experience, including having a short Zoom conversation with me about the experience. Frankly, it was something I never thought would happen, so kudos to Arquette for being willing to discuss things so candidly.

Below you’ll be able to hear my discussion with Arquette. For a documentary with some very heavy moments, it’s also one that’s deeply hopeful, too, and that’s something I believe was reflected in our conversation. We also got to laugh, which is important, especially when talking about things that can potentially get uncomfortable. Whether you’re a wrestling fan, a fan of Arquette as an actor, or just curious about this wild story, both the doc, as well as this chat, are worth checking out. The film itself, as you saw in my review, is a winner in and of itself. Fair warning here, Zoom was not 100% cooperative this time around, so a bit of the dialogue may be jumbled. Apologies there, but it’s largely all good. Anyway, listen to the conversation and give the movie a shot…

Here now is my interview with David Arquette. Enjoy:

Be sure to check out You Cannot Kill David Arquette this weekend!

Eddie Pence Returns To Talk About His (Un)Special Comedy Special!

One of our most popular guests is back for more! Yes, comedian and podcaster Eddie Pence has returned as a guest on the Hollywood News Podcast, this time to more solely talk about the world of stand-up comedy, as well as promote his upcoming special. Like I mentioned last time, If you’re a connoisseur of podcasts, you probably know his name. If so, you know just how hilarious he is. If not, you’re missing out on the work of a truly talented comedian. Whether it’s as the Vice-Host to Ralph Garman on The Ralph Report (heard here on Patreon, with an official website here), on The Ramble with Jerry Rocha (heard here on Apple Podcasts), or on Swings & Mrs. with Jennifer and Cody Decker (heard here on, Pence among the most consistently funny people on the air. Now, with his stand-up special, The (Un)Special Comedy Special, available for preorder (here on his official website and wherever you get your comedy), he was kind enough to chat once again.

Below you’ll find my newest conversation with Pence. Like last time, it’s pretty freewheeling and unstructured, though I tried to keep the focus on comedy, after bemoaning our sports teams and that lot in life. As always, he’s a great guy to discuss anything with, having years in the business and having seen almost everything, but retaining his everyman quality that makes him so likable. Simply put, to talk to Eddie, and to listen to Eddie’s view of the world, is to like him. That’s been the case on podcasts for years, it’s what has made his comedy career work, and it’s what makes him a rare breed in the industry. Spend another (nearly) hour listening to us chat about the road towards getting the (Un)Special Comedy Special made, as well as what might be next for him…

Here’s my new interview with Eddie Pence. Enjoy:

Be sure to peorder and check out the Eddie Pence (Un)Special Comedy Special on September 1st!

Scott Turner Schofield Talks About “Becoming A Man In 127 EASY Steps”

Transferring the energy of a one man show to the multimedia format is very hard to pull off. It’s incredibly easy to lose an audience, for any number of reasons. However, when you do it right, it can be powerful stuff, especially when something essential like the trans experience is being depicted. Scott Turner Schofield, a trans man, has achieved that with his acclaimed and long running show, which now is getting a festival run in its cinematic/multimedia form. Becoming a Man in 127 EASY Steps will be playing at Outfest in a few days (though it will only be available for 72 hours), so he hopped on the phone with me this weekend to make the case for his art. Let me tell you, kit was a compelling case, too.

Below you can find my conversation with Schofield. He’s an engaging person to talk to, one who can compellingly sell you on his high concept project. Listen to the discussion to hear exactly why this is so important, but there’s an almost Choose Your Own Adventure style to consuming it, which is an exciting way to generate some extra interest to it. Check out details for the production here, but take it from me…this is well worth your time. It’s important, but also entertaining, just like all the best depictions of life are. Give it a look and enjoy our chat.

Here now is my interview with Scott Turner Schofield. Enjoy:

Be sure to check out Becoming a Man in 127 EASY Steps at Outfest on August 25th!

Jay Baruchel Chats About Horror And “Random Acts Of Violence”

Most of you know Jay Baruchel from his comedy work. Sure, he’s a very talented comedic actor, but his talents run far deeper than that. Behind the camera, he co-wrote the sports dramedy Goon, as well as co-writing and also directing its sequel Goon: Last of the Enforcers. Now, nearly a decade after he first set out to make it, his sophomore feature Random Acts of Violence is hitting screens. A gory and powerful horror movie (our review can be found right here), it’s a whole new side of Baruchel. Recently, I got on the phone with him to discuss not just directing, but also his pure love for the horror genre as well.

You’ll be able to hear my chat with Baruchel below, and it’s a very fun one, even given the heavy nature of his film. We laugh a lot and talk about why horror is something that people can be so passionate about. It’s impossible not to listen to Baruchel and not realize how thoroughly he’s prepared for this role. Plus, he’s just a ridiculously entertaining person, quick to laugh and generous with his time. As such, this is a enjoyable conversation, regardless of what you think of his potentially divisive film. I know I loved it, so I certainly recommend it. Either way, this is a back and forth that everyone can get something out of…

Here now is my interview with Jay Baruchel. Enjoy:

Be sure to check out Random Acts of Violence, available to watch this weekend!

Taylor Russell Talks “Words On Bathroom Walls” And Her Budding Directing Career

There’s no denying that Taylor Russell is a star in the making. It’s simply a fact of life, especially if you pay any attention to cinema. Just seeing her last year in Waves was proof enough of that. Her breakthrough turn there, as well as her lead role in Escape Room (which is now a franchise), is plenty of evidence that she’s got the goods. Now, with another plum gig in Words on Bathroom Walls, hitting screens this week, she’s got another showcase. Last month, Russell was kind enough to hop on the phone with me for a quick chat about her newest movie, as well as her budding directorial career.

My conversation with Russell can be found below. We talk about what drew her to this new film (my review of which from earlier today can be read right here), as well as her future behind the camera. Also, since I was conducting the interview during a pretty bad thunderstorm in New York City, there’s a bit about my neurotic dog, so make of that what you will. It’s a good discussion, especially if you’re a fan of Russell’s. Give it a listen and if you’ve somehow missed Waves until now, rectify that immediately. You’ll be glad that you did, trust me there…

Enjoy my interview with Taylor Russell:

Be sure to check out Words on Bathroom Walls this weekend!

Filmmaker Danny Wolf Discusses His Productive Year And The Documentary “Skin: A History Of Nudity In The Movies”

2020 has been a hell of a year for Danny Wolf. Not only did he have his three part documentary series on cult films (Time Warp: The Greatest Cult Films Of All Time) released, he’s now also about to release another in Skin: A History Of Nudity In The Movies. That’s the sort of productivity that you have to salute, especially here in 2020, regardless of when he actually filmed them. The movies are really all quite fun, both entertaining and informative, so when I was given the opportunity to talk with Wolf about his work, tied into the release of his latest doc (my review of which can be found here), it was a no-brainer. He didn’t disappoint, either, detailing the process in a way that makes his achievements even more worthy of commendation.

Below you’ll find my conversation with Wolf. We definitely focus on Skin: A History Of Nudity In The Movies, but there’s a bit about Time Warp: The Greatest Cult Films Of All Time, as well. He’s easygoing and very knowledgeable, with a number of fun stories. These are/were already must-see documentaries for any cinephile, but listening to him will make that an even more clear proposition. Give it a listen and make sure you check out his documentaries ASAP!

Here is my interview with Danny Wolf. Enjoy:

Be sure to check out Skin: A History Of Nudity In The Movies tomorrow!

Gillian Jacobs And Kris Rey Chat About “I Used To Go Here”

Only a few films in, Kris Rey is an emerging voice on the independent cinema scene that’s well worth paying attention to. Gillian Jacobs, of course, is one of the better young actresses in the business. So, combing the writing and directing talents of Ray with the acting of Jacobs was always going to be a fruitful partnership. That collaboration, the indie comedy I Used to Go Here, comes out tomorrow (my positive review can be found right here), but last week, Jacobs and Ray were kind enough to get on a conference call/Zoom with me to talk about their movie. That conversation comes your way today!

Below you can find my chat with Jacobs and Rey. It’s a laughed filled one, so much so that I actually paired it down a bit, so it wasn’t too meandering. There’s still some really excellent stuff to be found. From what attracted Jacobs to the role, what made Rey want to tell this story, and even the former’s reaction to a certain comparison I made, it’s pretty good stuff, if I do say so myself. Of course, you can be the judge, so give it a listen and don’t sleep on this flick. It’s incredibly enjoyable and well worth a viewing this weekend…

Here now is my interview with Gillian Jacobs and Kris Rey. Enjoy:

Be sure to check out I Used to Go Here, out tomorrow!

James D’Arcy Discusses His Directorial Debut “Made In Italy”

There’s almost always something really interesting to hear about when an actor makes their directorial debut, and especially when they’ve written the project as well. This was, unsurprisingly, no exception a few days ago when I was able to hop on the phone to chat for a few minutes with actor and now writer/director James D’Arcy, whose film Made in Italy is being released this weekend. You’ve likely already seen my positive review here on the site, and now you can listen to D’Arcy talk about what inspired him to make the flick, how he landed his leading man, and much more.

Below you can hear my conversation with James D’Arcy. You probably know him from his acting (either in a Marvel project or perhaps Christopher Nolan’s Dunkirk, for example), but his filmmaking is now something to take note of as well. D’Arcy talks about why this project came to him (from his own mind, as you’d expect), how he was lucky enough to get not only Liam Neeson, but his son as well to star, and plenty more. He’s a very charming individual and easy to talk to, so this is a really pleasant discussion. Give it a listen and obviously take a look at his movie later on this week…

Here now is my interview with James D’Arcy. Enjoy:

Made in Italy is out on Friday, so be sure to check it out!

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A friendly reminder to you all on this Sunday afternoon…make sure you listen to the recent episodes of the Hollywood News Podcast, highlighted by new ones with actor Dave Franco and director/actor Timothy Busfield. Previously, the episodes had a focus on Emmy contenders (most were composers, but keep in mind, we also have an episode with director Alfonso Gomez-Rejon, as well as the return of director and show runner Lesli Linka Glatter, plus musicians like Carter Burwell, as well as Glen Ballard, Rupert Gregson-Williams, Alex Heffes, Brian Tyler, and Marcelo Zarvos) but we’re back to movie stars like Franco. For those not interested in Emmy players, there’s also filmmaker Rod Lurie, director Shannon Murphy, comedian and podcaster Eddie Pence, as well as director Aaron Schneider who have stopped by for chats, along with actor and director Timothy Busfield, who hung around for nearly an hour! There’s something for everyone, truly, so spend a bit of your weekend (or whenever you’re reading this) listening to some cool interviews.

Once again, here is an easy link to the SoundCloud page for Hollywood News and all of the Hollywood News Podcast episodes so far (with plenty more to come). Enjoy:

We hope you enjoy the podcast and stay tuned for more episodes coming very soon, including some more high profile interviews in the very near future…

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