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Dave Franco Chats About His Unsettling Directorial Debut “The Rental”

When it was first announced that actor Dave Franco was going to be making his feature directorial debut with a horror film he’d co-written with Joe Swanberg, it was…surprising. After all, Franco is known for comedy more so than other genres, and horror did not initially seem like something you’d expect from him. Then again, that’s part of what appealed to him. Last week, he was kind enough to take a brief few minutes out of his busy schedule to talk to me about the horror he loves, why he chose to make this flick, and more. With his movie The Rental coming out tomorrow (my very positive review can be found here), we now present to you that chat.

Below you can find my conversation with Franco. We didn’t have a lot of time, but we did our best to make the most of it. I was very curious about why he chose to make this, how he cast the project, and what interests him in horror, so that was the focus of our short but sweet chat. Give it a listen, and be sure to check out The Rental this weekend. As I said in my review, it’s a wildly confident and effective directorial debut for him, while on the whole just being a unique horror film that will chill you to your core. The movie works in a big way, and starting tomorrow, you’ll be able to see for yourself. For now, listen to our discussion and have fun…

Here now is my interview with Dave Franco. Enjoy:

Be sure to check out The Rental, on VOD tomorrow!

Timothy Busfield Talks Baseball, Directing, The Future Of The Industry, And “Guest Artist”

For many, Timothy Busfield is just an actor, someone who often shows up in the work of Aaron Sorkin. For others, he’s a part of such baseball classics as Field of Dreams and Little Big League. Busfield, however, is not just an accomplished actor, but an award-winning director as well, helming episodes of many popular shows, including many Sorkin-penned ones. Now, with his feature effort Guest Artist out in the world, starring Jeff Daniels, he stopped by the podcast (over the phone, of course) to chat about it, though as you’ll hear next, we ended up talking about literally everything under the sun. To call it a wide reaching conversation would be a bit of an understatement.

Below you’ll be able to hear my interview with Busfield. It’s a really good one too, almost entirely due to his incredible generosity. We went for basically an hour, with the man willing to chat about baseball, tell stories about working on Sorkin projects, and much more. He even gets into a really fascinating discussion about how the film industry, as well as Broadway, can come together and survive the current COVID-19 pandemic. He’s funny, smart, and absolutely wonderful to talk to. This was a pleasure, so I sincerely hope it’s as much fun to listen to as it was to conduct. It’s sometimes a cliche to say that you could have talked to someone all day, but I literally could have, and he was in no hurry to get off the phone, so the results of that are next. We start off with a little bit of joking about the technical difficulties it took to connect the call, but after that it’s off to the races…

Here now is my conversation with Timothy Busfield. Enjoy:

Be sure to check out Guest Artist, available on Digital right now!

Publicist Lisa Goldberg Discusses Living And Working In New York City During COVID

Over the past several months, life has changed for literally every single American (and most citizens of the world). In particular, ever since COVID-19’s outbreak led to a lockdown being instituted in major cities, the way you live, work, and play (or used to play) was drastically altered. Living in New York City, I know my life was totally upended, as I’ve discussed here and there with certain guests. Today, I’m again discussing the situation with another publicist, this time Lisa Goldberg, who has a very strong perspective on it all. Plus, she’s just a jot to talk to, so even if the subject matter was serious, it was still quite enjoyable to speak with her.

Below you’ll find my chat with Goldberg. We definitely get into some serious stuff, but the discussion does still make room for some laughter. Mostly, it was just a pleasure to hear someone so passionate about making sure the situation we’re all going through, Coronavirus pandemic wise, gets better, not worse. I was thrilled to have gotten her to take some time out to do this with me, especially after a pair of personal tragedies in her life (she recently lost a close relative and her former client/friend Nick Cordero, who she briefly talks about towards the end. I didn’t want to focus on Nick’s passing too much, especially since Lisa has so eloquently talked about him elsewhere). Thanks again to her for talking with me. Hopefully you all get something out of it…

Here is my interview with Lisa Goldberg. Enjoy:

(Photo credit to James Vanderbeek)

Revisiting Our Conversation With “First Cow” Star John Magaro

With the acclaimed A24 title First Cow coming to VOD next week (July 21st, to be exact), now seems like a perfect time to re-post the chat I had with star John Magaro. We talked plenty about the movie, to be sure, but also just about what interests him as an actor. Sitting down in a Manhattan coffee shop with him, we spent over a half hour talking about not just his career, but the directors he’s worked with, how he sees the job of an actor, and what the future of the industry might hold. He was even a bit surprised to hear how fond I was of his roles in Liberal Arts and Not Fade Away, two performances that helped put him on the map, along with high profile films like The Big Short. It was a wide ranging chat, but one enjoyed by both sides. First Cow (review found here) is potentially going to be an under the radar Academy Award player, so don’t sleep on this one. Even removed from Oscar consideration, it’s just a high quality indie flick.

In case you forgot, the film is largely a two hander, looking at an unlikely friendship. After a modern day prologue, we meet Cookie Figowitz (Magaro). Working as a cook as he heads west, he’s very much a loner, never connecting with anyone. Having joined a group of fur trappers on the way to, and in, the Oregon Territory, he’s seen mostly as an annoyance. One day, he meets and makes a connection with a Chinese immigrant named King Lu (Orion Lee). In short order, a bond is formed. The two men plan out a business, hoping to team up and make a life for themselves. However, having limited means, it’s very much a shoestring operation, heavily reliant on the help of a wealthy landowner’s prized milking cow. For a spell, it all seems to be working, but when their collaboration is threatened, what will they do? Reichardt directs and co-writes with Jonathan Raymond, adapting his own novel. Christopher Blauvelt provides the cinematography, while William Tyler composes the score. Supporting players include Ewen Bremner, Lily Gladstone, Toby Jones, Alia Shawkat, and Scott Shepherd.

A combination of Kelly Reichardt’s skills and the performances of both of her leads (especially John Magaro) make this one of her most accessible movies. Orion Lee and John Magaro put forth deeply human turns, instantly becoming people you want to spend time with. In particular, Magaro proves just as effective in a period piece as he has in more modern fare. This is further evidence that he’s going to be a star in short order. It’s a question of when, not if. Under the direction of Reichardt, he spreads his wings and is able to fly. This is subtle work, but altogether captivating.

Here again is our interview with John Magaro. Enjoy:

First Cow comes to VOD on July 21st!

(Photos courtesy of A24)

Talking “Disconnected” With Creators Matthew Leutwyler And Anton Laines

During the extended COVID-19 quarantine we’ve all been dealing with, there’s no right or wrong way to handle things. Some people have been less productive (myself included) than others, but there are a handful of folks who are really taking their creativity to the next level while in isolation. Matthew Leutwyler and Anton Laines are two such individuals, as they actually came up with a series during this time, centered around characters in this exact situation. Disconnected is described as “a weekly experimental drama series shot by the actors and produced remotely while under countrywide quarantine orders in the United States, India, United Kingdom, and Rwanda with a cast and crew of over 50 people based in 7 different time zones.” Putting most of us to shame, Leutwyler and Laines made something out of nothing, to say the least, so it was a pleasure to chat with them recently about this achievement and try to understand what spurred them on.

Below you will find my talk with Leutwyler and Laines. The show can be watched right here on their official website or on YouTube, and it’s really interesting. During our discussion, we got into how this came about, the challenges inherent in a production like this, how it’s still such a universal story, and what might come next. They’re both very passionate about the project, and it really does show. Six episodes in, they’ve really found a groove, crafting something both incredibly specific as well as completely relatable. It’s truly something worth taking note of. Anyone curious about this should really give it a shot. If you’re at all on the fence, listen to this and you’ll be pushed over the edge…

Here now is my interview with Matthew Leutwyler and Anton Laines. Enjoy:

Be sure to check out Disconnected, which can be seen here!

Be Sure To Check Out All Of Our Emmy Contender Episodes Of The Hollywood News® Podcast!


A friendly reminder to you all…make sure you listen to the recent episodes of the Hollywood News Podcast, which have largely focused on Emmy contenders. Most are composers, but keep in mind, we also have an episode with director Alfonso Gomez-Rejon, as well as the return of director and show runner Lesli Linka Glatter. As fo the musicians, they include, of course, Carter Burwell, as well as Glen Ballard, Rupert Gregson-Williams, Alex Heffes, Brian Tyler, and Marcelo Zarvos. For those not interested in Emmy players, there’s also filmmaker Rod Lurie, director Shannon Murphy, comedian and podcaster Eddie Pence, as well as director Aaron Schneider who have stopped by for chats. There’s something for everyone, truly, so spend a bit of your Sunday afternoon (or whenever you’re reading this) listening to some cool interviews.

Once again, here is an easy link to the SoundCloud page for Hollywood News and all of the Hollywood News Podcast episodes so far (with plenty more to come). Enjoy:

We hope you enjoy the podcast and stay tuned for more episodes coming very soon, including some more interviews in the very near future…

Hollywood News Podcast

Sit tight for more episodes!

Carter Burwell Talks “The Morning Show,” “Space Force,” And More

For years, Carter Burwell has been one of the absolute best composers in the industry. Working with not just the Coen Brothers, but the best that Hollywood has to offer, Burwell has nearly done it all. For the longest time, he was shockingly without an Academy Award nominations, but the last few years have finally seen Oscar reward him with a few nods. In addition to consistently strong work on the big screen, he’s recently been making a mark on the small screen, with compelling scores for both The Morning Show and Space Force. That television work, potentially about to be Emmy nominated, was the impetus for a phone call last week between the two of us, which I think you’ll all enjoy.

Below you’ll be able to hear my chat with Burwell. We got into a handful of topics, including how he approaches the current situation. For both The Morning Show as well as Space Force, Burwell is competing for Emmy noms in the category of Outstanding Music Composition for a Series (Original Dramatic Score), and if name recognition, not to mention quality, is a major factor, look for him to be cited. Is an Emmy Award in his future? Quite possibly so, but regardless of that, I think this is a really interesting and even fun discussion between the two of us. Give it a listen and you decide…

Here now is my interview with Carter Burwell. Enjoy:

Photo by Tycho Burwell

Be sure to check out The Morning Show on Apple TV+ and Space Force on Netflix!

(Photo credit by Tycho Burwell)

“Greyhound” Director Aaron Schneider Talks About Working With Tom Hanks And The Film’s Complex Technical Process

Director Aaron Schneider takes his time when choosing a project. As you’ll hear him detail in our interview today, he’s consistently passed up work that he couldn’t get excited for. After moving from cinematography to directing, he won an Academy Award for his Live-Action Short in Two Soldiers, followed by a strong feature debut in Get Low. Since then, he’s bided his time, now returning with the Tom Hanks vehicle Greyhound (reviewed here). Hopping on the phone with me a few days ago, Schneider was surprisingly candid, as well as detailed in his answers. If you’ve ever been curious about how you actually make a film like this, you’re in luck today…

Below you will find my conversation with Schneider. We obviously touch on what drew him to the project, as well as working with Hanks, who not only stars but wrote the screenplay as well. Plus, he details how he has a bit of a different take than Hanks on the flick going to streaming via Apple TV+ as opposed to its originally intended theatrical release. Additionally, we also get into actually making the movie. He’s able to break down how you film something complex of this sort, and it’s absolutely captivating, in my humble opinion. Plus, he has a really interesting story about his Oscar win, which includes a bit about how Billy Crystal is directly responsible. Be sure to check out that bit, but obviously give the whole interview a listen. I found it to be a fascinating chat, and I hope you do, as well.

Here is my interview with Aaron Schneider. Enjoy:

“Greyhound” director Aaron Schneider on set. (Courtesy of Apple+)

Greyhound drops on Apple TV+ tomorrow and is well worth your time. Give it a look!

(Photos courtesy of Apple)

Glen Ballard Chats About The Power Of Music And “The Eddy”


It’s hard not to appreciate the dedication and passion that Glen Ballard put into bringing The Eddy to life. A six-time Grammy Award winner, Ballard has made it his business to get this challenging and rewarding show before audiences. Along with Damien Chazelle, Jack Thorne, and of course, Netflix, he finally had it in front of folks this spring. Now, as voting for the Emmy Awards is underway, I had the opportunity to chat with him about The Eddy (as well as, greedily, the musical version of Back to the Future). A true passion project, you can tell how much he cares just by listening to the man.

Below you can hear my interview with Ballard. He’s a really interesting figure, and while he’s in the hunt for Emmy attention this year with The Eddy (having written the original song “The Eddy” for the show, which you can hear here), we also made a bit of time to talk Back to the Future, due to his involvement in the musical. It’s a cool conversation, so give it a listen and keep an eye out for that project once the world gets back to normal. Give it a listen and stay tuned for one more composer interview tomorrow, as our Emmy coverage begins to wrap up. For now, Ballard is here to make his pitch for The Eddy attention, and it’s quite a compelling pitch.

Here now is my conversation with Glen Ballard. Enjoy:

As an aside, Netflix doesn’t just have The Eddy, but Space Force (more on that tomorrow during my conversation with Carter Burwell!), as well as The Black Godfather, The Midnight Gospel, and The Witcher, making for a ton of musical Emmy options for the streaming giant…

Photo credit Lou Faulon

Be sure to check out The Eddy on Netflix!

(Photo credits to Lou Faulon)

Brian Tyler Stops By To Chat About “Yellowstone” And Working With Taylor Sheridan

Few composers in Hollywood are as busy as Brian Tyler is. Whether it’s film, television, or even video games, there’s always some form of media with Tyler’s music in it about to hit. Even right now, as the COVID-19 pandemic keeps the industry in limbo, he has several projects in the pipeline, including Taylor Sheridan’s potential 2020 Oscar player Those Who Wish Me Dead. Tyler’s first pairing with Sheridan, for the Paramount Network’s series Yellowstone, is actually what facilitated a recent chat between the two of us, which turned out to be about as easy-going and enjoyable as it gets.

Below you’ll find my interview with Tyler, who was incredibly generous with his time. We hit on his beginnings, both removed from movies and also when he got his cinematic debut on the independent scene, as well as his move towards franchise flicks, including some Marvel efforts. Mostly, however, we talk about his recent pairing with Sheridan, especially considering his work with Yellowstone is up for Emmy consideration, this time for Season Two. Voters are potentially going to be checking off his name in the category of Outstanding Music Composition For A Drama Series (Original Dramatic Score). Tyler was a lot of fun to speak with, so this was an absolute pleasure. He’s charming, witty, and actually able to educate you about the work of a composer. This is a good one, if I do say so myself…

Here now is my conversation with Brian Tyler. Enjoy:

Be sure to check out Yellowstone and stay tuned for more on Those Who Wish Me Dead!

(Photos courtesy of the Paramount Network)