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Composer Rupert Gregson-Williams Talks “Catherine The Great” And Superheroes

Whether it’s superhero flicks like Aquaman or Wonder Woman, Adam Sandler projects, or prestige television fare like Catherine the Great, the work of composer Rupert Gregson-Williams is always rock solid and completely appropriate for the project. Not everyone can bounce from Abominable to The Crown to Hacksaw Ridge, just to name a few of his other credits, but Gregson-Williams sure can. So, when an opportunity to interview him came up, with Emmy voting currently going on, it was impossible to pass up. Simply put, anyone who is capable of being that flexible or malleable with their craft is someone well worth speaking with. As you might imagine, he did not disappoint, either.

Below you can find my chat with Gregson-Williams. We talk a bit about how he got into the business (his brother also is a famous composer, Harry Gregson-Williams, in case you didn’t know), what interests him, musically, as well as his work on the series Catherine the Great. The HBO series features his music, and it’s the fourth and final part which Gregson-Williams has submitted for Emmy consideration in the category of Outstanding Music Composition for a Limited Series, Movie or Special (Original Dramatic Score). It’s an interesting conversation, one well worth listening to. So, we hope you enjoy it.

Here is my interview with Rupert Gregson-Williams. Enjoy:

Rupert Gregson-Williams / Hacksaw Ridge scoring

Be sure to check out Catherine the Great on HBO, if you haven’t already!

(Photo credit to Benjamin Ealovega)

Marcelo Zarvos Discusses The Musical Language Of “The Loudest Voice”

Photo credit Chris Frawley

One of the steadiest composers on the independent film scene is Marcelo Zarvos. No matter what subject the movie might be, Zarvos gives it a unique sound. Recently, he’s also lent his talents to the small screen, working on his most high profile project to date, Showtime’s Roger Ailes show The Loudest Voice. With Emmy voting open, Zarvos was kind enough to get on the phone with me a few days ago to discuss the program, his career, and the musical language that found to give dimension to Ailes. It was a really fascinating chat, one that you’ll get to hear next.

Below you will find my discussion with Marcelo Zarvos. For the Emmys, Zarvos has specifically submitted Episode 107 for awards contention. Competing for a citation in both Outstanding Music Composition For a Limited Series, Movie or Special (Original Dramatic Score) as well as Outstanding Original Main Title Theme Music, Showtime thinks quite highly of his work. One listen to what he’s composed for the series and you’ll understand why. He’s a really nice guy, fun to talk to, as well as free and easy with some interesting stories. Take a listen to our conversation now.

Here now is my interview with Marcelo Zarvos. Enjoy:

Be sure to check out The Loudest Voice on Showtime, and in particular, Zarvos’ score!

(Photo credit Chris Frawley)

Alex Heffes Chats About “The Elephant Queen” And Composing While In Quarantine

For over two decades, Alex Heffes has been a rock solid composer, turning in work that crosses genres, be it Academy Award winning fare like The Last King of Scotland or Inside Job, as well as his own Golden Globe nominated score for Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom. With Heffes in contention for some Emmy Award love for the Apple TV+ documentary The Elephant Queen, it was a pleasure to hop on the phone a few days ago with him about talk a bit about music, the doc, and what it’s like to try and compose during isolation and the COVID-19 quarantine.

Below you will find my chat with Alex Heffes. It’s a pretty interesting one, especially in terms of hearing about how he looks to find the sounds that compliment the visuals of his projects. In particular with The Elephant Queen, his score really resonates, allowing you to invest yourself even if you don’t happen to be looking at the screen. Competing for a citation in the Outstanding Music Composition for a Documentary Series or Special (Original Dramatic Score), this is one of Heffes’ best scores, so be sure to check it, as well as the documentary, out. Now, give the interview a listen…

Here is my conversation with Alex Heffes. We hope you enjoy:

(Special note, look for a number of other composer interviews to come during the next week, all related to Emmy season. Voting is open and these contenders are some of the cream of the crop!)

Photo courtesy of Apple

Be sure to check out The Elephant Queen, available to watch on Apple TV+ right now!

(Photos courtesy of IMDb on top and Apple at the bottom)

Rod Lurie Discusses His Career And Personal Connection To “The Outpost”

A film critic turned filmmaker, Rod Lurie took a very unique path in getting behind the camera. Over the course of his career, Lurie has helmed movies that often have a political edge to them, including The Contender, Deterrence, and Nothing but The Truth, to name a few. These are three of the more underrated films of the past 25 years, with it being a damn shame that the Academy has not gravitated more towards his work. The Contender received two Oscar nominations, but the man himself is still without an Academy Award citation (his snub in Best Original Screenplay there is still a real head-scratcher). Still, he’s a voting member, one who likes to debate the award hopefuls on social media, to boot. All of this makes him a wonderfully interesting guy, so when the opportunity to talk with him came about for his latest flick, The Outpost, it was a no-brainer.

Below you’ll find my conversation with Lurie. He was gracious with his time, full of interesting tidbits, and generally warm to chat with. His new movie is wonderfully well done, as you saw yesterday in my rave review (found here). It’s a film that threads a very tough needle, and in the interview, you’ll hear a bit about how he did it. I could have talked to Lurie all day, but even this relatively contained back and forth was still terrific. Give it a listen…

Here is my interview with Rod Lurie. Enjoy:

Be sure to check out The Outpost on Friday!

Lesli Linka Glatter Returns To Talk The End Of “Homeland” And Her Work On The DGA’s COVID Task Force

Back in February, one of our very first guests on the Hollywood News podcast was director Lesli Linka Glatter (the episode can be found here). She was such a delight, that it only made sense to invite her back as one of our returning champions! Plus, not only has her show Homeland come to an end (with her helming the finale), even while the industry has been shut down due to the Coronavirus pandemic, Glatter has been busy trying to plan for its reopening. She is on the Directors Guild of America COVID-19 Task Force set up by Steven Soderbergh, making her an essential voice in Hollywood.

Below you can hear my latest chat with Glatter, covering a range of topics. For those of you who are Homeland fans, we touch on the series coming to an end, and specifically her getting to be at the forefront of its conclusion. There’s also plenty of discussion about what productions will look like once movies and television shows begin filming once again. It’s a wide ranging and really interesting conversation, one that I sincerely hope that you all enjoy. Give it a listen…

Here is my second interview with Lesli Linka Glatter:

We hope you enjoyed the interview, and be sure to check out the end of Homeland!

Alfonso Gomez-Rejon Talks “Hunters” And Directing!

When it comes to filmmakers with a consistently creative visual style, Alfonso Gomez-Rejon is someone who doesn’t quite get the credit that he deserves. On the big screen, he’s helmed unique work like The Town That Dreaded Sundown, Me and Earl and the Dying Girl, as well as The Current War, while his small screen work runs the gamut of genres. Most recently, he directed the pilot for Hunters, as well as serving as an Executive Producer on the series. As it contends for Emmy attention, Gomez-Rejon was kind enough to hop on the phone to chat about his sensibilities behind the camera, as well as much more.

Below you’ll find my conversation with Gomez-Rejon. He was incredibly modest and thoroughly engrossing to chat with. Give it a listen and stay tuned to see how Hunters does in the Emmy hunt…

Here is our interview with Alfonso Gomez-Rejon. Enjoy:

Hunters is available to watch on Amazon Prime Video!

Eddie Pence Hangs Out And Discusses The Unique World Of Stand-Up Comedy During A Pandemic

If you’re a connoisseur of podcasts, you probably know the name Eddie Pence. If so, you know just how hilarious he is. If not, you’re missing out on the work of a truly talented comedian. Whether it’s as the Vice-Host to Ralph Garman on The Ralph Report (heard here on Patreon, with an official website here), on The Ramble with Jerry Rocha (heard here on Apple Podcasts), or on Swings & Mrs. with Jennifer and Cody Decker (heard here on Radio.com), Pence among the most consistently funny people on the air. Additionally, he has his long-awaited special, affectionately titled Eddie Pence’s (Un)Special Comedy Special, coming soon. So, when I was curious about the current state of stand-up comedy, as well as just wanting someone amusing on the podcast, there was one name at the top of my list. Luckily, Eddie was happy to oblige!

Below you’ll hear my chat with Eddie. Not only was he far more generous with his time than he needed to be, he was easy to talk to, hilarious, and full of fun little stories. I could have talked to him for hours (and full disclosure, we did shoot the shit for a bit before and after, but that was just me enjoying his virtual company, so clearly, I would have talked to him for hours, too). If you’re a fan of his work, you’re in for a treat, and if you’re just being introduced to him, well…you’re welcome. It’s a very loose discussion, less a traditional interview and more just two guys musing about the state of the world. If that sounds like fun, strap in for a good time…

Here is my conversation with Eddie Pence:

Hopefully you enjoyed the Eddie Pence interview. Be sure to tune in to his various podcasts, look up his comedy, and stay tuned for his stand-up special!

Shannon Murphy Talks “Babyteeth”

One feature film in, director Shannon Murphy is already making a name for herself. The sometimes actress and filmmaker, Murphy was previously best known for her television direction, include a pair of Killing Eve episodes, but Babyteeth is changing all of that. The new movie, out now, is a tremendous calling card, suggesting a very bright future for her. Mark my words, she’s going to be an in demand name. A few weeks ago, I hopped on the phone with Murphy, shortly after having seen the flick, to discuss what attracted her to the material, her process, and building such an impressive cast.

Below is an interview I recently conducted with Murphy. She gets into finding the script from Rita Kalnejais, developing the project, filling out the cast with the likes of Essie Davis, Ben Mendelsohn, Eliza Scanlen, and Toby Wallace, and much more. It’s an interesting chat, apt for an interesting film (our review of which can be found here), so we hope that you enjoy…

Here is my conversation with Shannon Murphy:

Hopefully you enjoyed the interview. Babyteeth is available to watch now, so be sure to check it out!

“7500” Cinematographer Sebastian Thaler And Production Designer Thorsten Sabel Discuss The Look Of The Film

Often lost in the shuffle of making a quality film are the crew. While a director and the cast get most of the credit, followed by the writer, below the line talent don’t often get their due. When they do, it’s mostly limited to the cinematography and the score. What about production design, however? In the case of 7500 (which we reviewed earlier in the week), both the cinematographer and the production designer are working in brilliant concert with each other, helping to deliver a unique motion picture. So, when given the opportunity, it was a no-brainer to hop on the phone with them and pick their brains.

Below you will find my conversations with 7500’s cinematographer Sebastian Thaler, as well as its production designer Thorsten Sabel. Both are key elements why this movie, starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt, is such a success. They take filmmaker Patrick Vollrath’s vision of an intimate character study and execute it in such a way, you feel like you’re right there with Gordon-Levitt as he tries to keep a level head. It’s impressively done work, so getting to talk to the crew was fascinating and definitely a treat. Hopefully you enjoy…

Here are my interviews with Thorsten Sabel and Sebastian Thaler. (Warning, the sound quality this time around isn’t great. Full disclosure: there was loud construction going on in my apartment complex during on of these, and during the other, I had to move to a different room, where you could hear my dog bark when the doorbell rang. It’s chaos, but you should still be able to hear everything)

Be sure to check out 7500, available on Amazon tomorrow!

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