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Drake Doremus Discusses His Unique Process And His New Film “Endings, Beginnings”

If you love emotional cinema, you should be a fan of filmmaker Drake Doremus, if you aren’t already. From his breakthrough Like Crazy, to other efforts like Breathe In, Equals, Newness, and Zoe, he’s been a storyteller with one of the biggest beating hearts out there. This week, his newest film Endings, Beginnings is opening, and it’s not just one of his best, but one of the top new releases of the year so far. Doremus was kind enough to hop on the phone with me last week for a short chat about his new movie, but also just about his process, which is heavy on improvisation and letting his actors find their characters organically.

Below you will find my chat with Drake Doremus, who puts forth some truly moving work with Endings, Beginnings. My rave review is up on the site, as of Monday, and can be found here, but this is just a sample of my praise for Doremus and the project: “At this point, it’s easy to spot a Drake Doremus film when you see one. There are certain hallmarks that are clearly visible, over a half dozen works into his career. For some, his approach to storytelling doesn’t work. For others, it’s an emotional and often riveting way to invest you in his characters. I’ve found myself in the latter camp ever since his breakthrough Like Crazy, and his newest movie, the romantic drama Endings, Beginnings, is another home run. Showcasing the yearning for human connection that we all share, Doremus once again will rock you to your core. This time around, he also has another stunning performance the center of his movie, with Shailene Woodley doing some of the best work of her career. Available to watch on Digital this Friday, it’s one of the best flicks of the year so far.” I stand by all that and was delighted to chat with the man, after having interviewed him years before for Breathe In. We had a great, albeit very brief, conversation, and I hope you all find something in it. It’s very easy going and casual, so take a load off and soak it all in.

Here now is my interview with Drake Doremus, in all of its (short) glory. Enjoy:

We hope you enjoyed this interview with Drake Doremus. Be sure to check out Endings, Beginnings, available on Digital starting on Friday, and then On Demand May 1!

Jeff Cronenweth Discusses The Unique Job Of A Cinematographer

Cinematography is a true art form. To compose a memorable shot is something that one really does need a skill for. That doesn’t even take into account how a cinematographer must work well with a director, have an understanding of their camera, and an infinite number of other assets necessary to help make a movie succeed. Earlier this week, we got a chance to talk with two time Academy Award nominated cinematographer Jeff Cronenweth, who was able to detail just some of what goes into being a quality DP.

Cronenweth has been cited by the Academy twice. Both times, collaborations with director David Fincher (The Social Network, followed by The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo) received Oscar nominations in Best Cinematography. Tomorrow, he ventures into television for the first time, collaborating with filmmaker Mark Romenek on an episode of the new Amazon Prime science fiction series Tales from the Loop. Generously chatting on the phone for nearly a half hour, Cronenweth details not just working on the show, but with Fincher as well. He even tells us a few interesting stories about his father Jordan Cronenweth, a famous cinematographer in his own right. It’s an informative and loose interview, so we hope you enjoy it…

Here is our chat with Jeff Cronenweth:

Enjoy the interview and be sure to check out Tales from the Loop!

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Hollywood News Podcast


First of all, I hope all of you are staying safe and sane in these trying times. As a distraction, we’re just taking another opportunity to give all of our readers a friendly reminder about the podcast we have here at Hollywood News. Easy to enjoy in short bursts, as the episodes are only about ten minutes long, we have plenty of Academy Award coverage from last year, and now that Oscar season is over, we’ve been moving over into more reviews and interviews, as seen a month or so ago with our Emily V. Gordon and Kumail Nanjiani chat, as well a handful of others. Yesterday, we chatted with actor Sam Richardson. Be sure to give it a look and share on social media so others can enjoy as well.

Once again, here is an easy link to the SoundCloud page for Hollywood News and all of the Hollywood News Podcast episodes so far (with more to come), including the Emily V. Gordon and Kumail Nanjiani special guest episode, as well as our most recent Sam Richardson one:

We hope you enjoy the podcast and stay tuned for more episodes coming very soon, including some more interviews in the very near future. Expect a few big names, too!

Sam Richardson Talks About His Starring Role In “Hooking Up”

Anyone who watched Veep over the years could always count on Sam Richardson to provide hilarious support on that show. However, he’s always shown the ability to do more, and this week, audiences at home have been able to notice his more diverse skillset due to the VOD release of Hooking Up. One of the year’s best films so far, we raved earlier in the week about the movie, and yesterday, Richardson was kind enough to jump on the phone for a few minutes to have a chat. Not only did we discuss Hooking Up, as well as his co-star Brittany Snow, a little bit of Veep came up as well.

Hopefully you enjoy the talk with Richardson, though fair warning: his cellphone was providing a fair amount of distortion during the early part of the conversation. In fact, the call cut off at one point and had to be restarted using a different format. If you’re patient, just sit through the first part. Otherwise, skip ahead a bit and the second half of the interview is crystal clear. For what it’s worth, my side is perfect throughout, so if you’re particularly keen on my voice, there’s that. Obviously, you’re here for him, though, and we apologize for the sound quality…

Here is our interview with Sam Richardson:

Be sure to check out Hooking Up, On Demand now!

John Magaro Talks “First Cow” And Much More!

Earlier this week, I was honored to meet up with actor John Magaro for a wide ranging conversation. Sitting down in a Manhattan coffee shop with him, we spent over a half hour talking about not just his career, but the directors he’s worked with, how he sees the job of an actor, and what the future of the industry might hold. He was even a bit surprised to hear how fond I was of his roles in Liberal Arts and Not Fade Away, two performances that helped put him on the map, along with high profile films like The Big Short. Now, he has a new project hitting theaters in a few days, as well as a huge role in The Many Saints of Newark later this year. That prequel to The Sopranos should establish him as a household name, but for the moment, he may very well be one of the best actors you haven’t heard of yet.

Magaro stars this week in First Cow, the latest movie from Kelly Reichardt. It’s easily his best performance to date, full of empathy, humor, and soul. We’ll have a review of the flick in a few days, so stay tuned for that, but today we bring you this interview. Keep in mind, this was recorded in a loud New York City coffee shop, so there’s a fair amount of ambient noise. You should be able to hear us fine, but just keep it in mind as you’re listening. More importantly, we hope you enjoy the chat…

Here is our conversation with John Magaro:

Be sure to check out Magaro in First Cow, in theaters this weekend!

Lesli Linka Glatter Discusses “Homeland” And Her Career Behind The Camera

Yesterday, I was lucky enough to spend about a half hour chatting with filmmaker Lesli Linka Glatter. Over the years, Glatter has managed to do almost everything behind the camera, establishing herself as a force, both on the big screen as well as, in particular, the small screen. Currently the Executive Producer of Homeland on Showtime, she’s shepherding the show through its final season, while having directed over two dozen episodes of the series. Getting to interview her was a distinct pleasure, as you’ll here shortly. She’s charming, easygoing, and incredibly knowledgable about the business. It’s not an exaggeration to say that this conversation was an extremely good time. Not only will she probably open your eyes to some behind the scenes elements of the business, she’s simply a joy to listen to.

Glatter has done it all, over the years. As mentioned, she’s now the EP on Homeland, but prior to that, she was behind the camera for the movie Now and Then, as well as almost a dozen episodes of Aaron Sorkin created television (eight episodes of The West Wing, two episodes of The Newsroom, and one episode of Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip). Even before that, she got her start learning from Steven Spielberg on Amazing Stories, as well as from David Lynch on Twin Peaks. Other shows she’s leant her directorial talents to over the years include ER, Freaks and Geeks, Mad Men, NYPD Blue, Ray Donovan, and True Blood, just to name a few. For her efforts, she’s been nominated for seven Emmy Awards, as well as being a seven time nominee from the Directors Guild of America, taking home a pair of DGA awards in the process. Glatter is even an Academy Award nominee, Oscar nominated in 1985 for Best Live Action Short.

Below, you can hear my interview with Lesli Linka Glatter, only mildly edited for clarity. Enjoy:

-Be sure to check out the final season of Homeland on Showtime!

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