“Hamilton” Captivates On Screens Just As It Must Have On Stage

Who lives, who dies, who tells your story? When it comes to the life of Alexander Hamilton, Lin-Manuel Miranda has proven to be an incredible storyteller. Everyone knows of the stage production Hamilton, but not everyone got a chance to see it. Well, come Friday, a filmed version drops on[...]

“The Outpost” Presents The Reality Of War With Rod Lurie’s Dedicated Touch

The war in Afghanistan has not gotten much cinematic attention. Whether it’s because of films concentrating on the Iraq War more, the relatively recent nature of the conflict, or the inherent messiness of it all, there’s just a hole in the culture. Enter in Rod Lurie, who saw something in[...]

“aTypical Wednesday” Depicts A Largely Typical Dramedy

Sometimes, a film’s name can be part of its undoing. Despite the suggestions of its title, aTypical Wednesday follows a mostly typical route in telling its story. A vehicle for actor and now writer/director J. Lee, this movie feels like something we used to see all the time at the[...]

Jon Stewart Crafts A Subversive Political Satire With “Irresistible”

Back during his time hosting The Daily Show, Jon Stewart was among the smartest and most biting political satirists out there. Ever since he departed, Stewart’s voice has been missing from the day to day discourse. Now, for his sophomore feature as a filmmaker, he’s tackling a political satire with[...]

“Time Warp: The Greatest Cult Films Of All Time: Volume 3” Chuckles About Comedy And Camp

Rejoice film fans! Those of you who can’t get enough of cinema, and in particular fans of genre fare, are in for another treat. Two months ago, Time Warp: The Greatest Cult Films of All Time series kicked off with a first volume centered on midnight movies, followed last month[...]

“Babyteeth” Finds Heart And Quirk In A Tragic Situation

There’s a version of Babyteeth that could have been made which would have overplayed the quirk and cuteness factor. Luckily, no one involved in this movie is looking to do that. There are times where that method is needed, but here, it’s all about the heart of the matter. Babyteeth[...]

“Mope” Looks For Laughs In A Porn Industry Tragedy

There aren’t many stories as grody as the one being told in Mope. For those who don’t know the true tale, I’ll keep the salacious details to be discovered, but for those who know what this film is about, it isn’t hard to imagine the avenues being taken here. While[...]

“7500” Is A Tense Ride With Joseph Gordon-Levitt At The Controls

Joseph Gordon-Levitt isn’t generally who you think of as an action hero. Sure, he’s been in some action-centric pictures, but he’s more someone you pinpoint in other genres. While you might think of that as a negative when considering that he’s the lead in 7500, it’s actually a massive compliment,[...]

“Infamous” Wants To Be A Crime Tale For The Social Media Age

We live during a time where every single aspect of our daily existence can be documented on Social Media. There are celebrities who are only famous for being famous, or through being an “influencer” on sites like Instagram. Criminals are even caught because they brag about their crimes on Social[...]

Bill Nighy Gets A Low-Key Showcase With “Sometimes Always Never”

There are few more enjoyable actors to watch than Bill Nighy. He always just seems to be having a good time, mellow and easy-going. It’s rare that a filmmaker gives him a starring role, but he has close to one here in Sometimes Always Never, a film that’s been on[...]