“Boss Level” Gives an Action Twist To The Time Loop Story

The fantasy trope of Time Loops is all the rage again. Obviously, we all know Groundhog Day, which did it perfectly. Last year brought Palm Springs, which also did it terrifically well. Just a few weeks ago, The Map of Tiny Perfect Things also found a way to make the[...]

“Wild Mountain Thyme” Is The Strangest Romantic Comedy Of 2020

Oh boy. I have so many questions for John Patrick Shanley. One of which is simply, why? Why was this the story you wanted to tell. Remember, Shanley has previously given us a classic romantic comedy in Moonstruck, penning that screenplay, as well as writing and directing a stirring drama[...]

“Euphoria” Returns With A Special Quarantine Episode That’s Incredibly Moving

Last night, HBO debuted on their channel (after having sneaked it a few days earlier on HBO Max) a special new episode of the breakout series Euphoria. The first season was a smash, winning Zendaya an Emmy for Best Actress in a Drama Series, while the filming of the second[...]

“Luxor” Leaves You Wanting Just A Little Bit More

Pretentious is never a word you want associated with your film. It has a connotation that just never serves your project well, in the least. Unfortunately, Luxor, despite some strong visuals and a nice central performance, can’t help but give off that vibe. It’s palpable throughout a picture that wants[...]

Bella Thorne And Mickey Rourke Put Forth Strong Work In The Otherwise Forgettable “Girl”

There are two interesting performances contained within Girl, an otherwise wholly uninteresting film. On the surface, this is just a B movie that you would find once upon a time in the discount DVD bin. At the same time, you have Bella Thorne doing some of her best work to[...]

“Run” Is A Pulse-Pounding Suspense Thriller Of The First Order

Strong execution can make almost any premise work. Especially when it comes to thrillers, in particular ones with somewhat confined spaces, the concept often is ridiculous. However, executing said ridiculous premise can make for an instant classic. Filmmaker Aneesh Chaganty proved himself an ace executor of the genre with his[...]

“The Life Ahead” Re-Introduces Audiences To The Great Sophia Loren

It’s always a pleasure to see a screen legend return to starring roles. For Sophia Loren, we haven’t seen her on the screen in a major way in over a decade, since her supporting appearance in Nine. Now, she’s back as a lead, showcasing her talents in Netflix’s latest awards[...]

“Wolfwalkers” Is A Stunningly Animated Family Tale

Animation comes in all shapes and sizes. From independent features and shorts to the family blockbusters that littered theaters, back when going to the movies was a thing. We even had the occasional raunchy animated comedy. What we don’t have a ton of, at least recently, is animated works where[...]

“Friendsgiving” Can’t Quite Capture The Holiday’s Highs

Zany holidays have long been a staple of cinematic comedies. That being said, it’s almost always Christmas that gets the attention, leaving Thanksgiving largely in the dust. It’s a missed opportunity, too, as Thanksgiving dinners are notoriously full of awkward conversations, unfortunate political debates with a crazy relative, and the[...]

“Over The Moon” Is A Progressive And Vibrant Animated Delight

While Disney and Pixar (and to a lesser and more independent extent, GKids) are seen as the masters of cinematic animation, don’t sleep on Netflix. Last year saw them burst into the Best Animated Feature race at the Academy Awards, and this year, the streaming giant is again gunning for[...]