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“7500” Is A Tense Ride With Joseph Gordon-Levitt At The Controls

Joseph Gordon-Levitt isn’t generally who you think of as an action hero. Sure, he’s been in some action-centric pictures, but he’s more someone you pinpoint in other genres. While you might think of that as a negative when considering that he’s the lead in 7500, it’s actually a massive compliment,[...]

“Infamous” Wants To Be A Crime Tale For The Social Media Age

We live during a time where every single aspect of our daily existence can be documented on Social Media. There are celebrities who are only famous for being famous, or through being an “influencer” on sites like Instagram. Criminals are even caught because they brag about their crimes on Social[...]

Bill Nighy Gets A Low-Key Showcase With “Sometimes Always Never”

There are few more enjoyable actors to watch than Bill Nighy. He always just seems to be having a good time, mellow and easy-going. It’s rare that a filmmaker gives him a starring role, but he has close to one here in Sometimes Always Never, a film that’s been on[...]

“Artemis Fowl” Is A Foul Effort From Kenneth Branagh

I’m sure there must be some appeal to the Artemis Fowl book series that serves as the basis for this film adaptation of the same name. However, whatever might be there is certainly not translated to the movie. Artemis Fowl is something both bizarre and bland, boring while also being[...]

Spike Lee’s “Da 5 Bloods” Is Angry, Entertaining, And Absolutely Essential

After the Oscar-winning success of BlacKkKlansman, what filmmaker Spike Lee opted to follow it up with always always going to be inherently fascinating. After all, that movie had won Lee his first Academy Award. Would that move him in a more mainstream direction? If so, would any of his creative[...]

“Aviva” Is A Dreamy And Impressionistic Dance-Filled Romance

There’s a lot going on in Aviva, an experimental new film that often defies easy description. At its core, this is a romantic drama about two lovers, but that’s very much just what’s on the surface. Through a very bold approach, both in terms of a structural decision, as well[...]

“The King Of Staten Island” Is An Absolute Gem From Judd Apatow And Pete Davidson

Judd Apatow knows talent when he sees it. For years, he has made a career out of giving cinematic showcases to comedians. Whether it was Steve Carell in The 40 Year Old Virgin, Seth Rogen in Knocked Up, or Amy Schumer in Trainwreck, he’s shined the spotlight on them, launching[...]

“Showgirls” Gets The Documentary Treatment With “You Don’t Nomi”

Why would anyone want to make a documentary about the film, as well as the legacy of, Showgirls? Well, according to You Don’t Nomi, there’s a multitude of reasons. The doc, opening on Tuesday, doesn’t always provide the most compelling of arguments, but it does have its heart in the[...]

“Judy & Punch” Puts A Spin On The Puppet Show But Lacks A True North

Have you ever wondered about the old Punch and Judy puppet shows? Probably not, but still, the new film Judy and Punch hopes that you at least have pondered the time period that produced those violent puppet shows. For better or worse (in equal measure, frankly), the movie takes on[...]

Elisabeth Moss Brings Shirley Jackson To Unsettling Life With “Shirley”

The author Shirley Jackson led a fascinating life. A full on biopic of Jackson would certainly be worth exploring. However, filmmaker Josephine Decker has something far different and far more unsettling up her sleeve with Shirley, a psychological thriller more so than anything else. That being said, if this is[...]