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Vin Diesel Tries To Launch Another Franchise With The Middling Effort “Bloodshot”

At this point, it’s hard to imagine that any comic book properties haven’t been mined for film. However, we have a new one in Bloodshot, but it does seem rather unlikely to start up a new franchise for star Vin Diesel. While on paper, this flick must have seemed like[...]

“The Hunt” Goes In A Way Different Direction Than Expected

To believe the controversy last year, The Hunt was going to be the most vile film ever to be releases. Of course, those railing against it hadn’t seen it, and arguably hadn’t even seen the previews. However, I have seen the movie, and can tell you that, unsurprisingly, the conservative[...]

“Never Rarely Sometimes Always” Represents Essential Viewing For Teenagers

It’s not often that a piece of cinema is essentially required viewing for teenagers. Largely, they’re a moviegoing audience that takes in spectacle, though they certainly don’t go to the theaters as a monolith. However, they aren’t often exposed to a film that may well save their life. Never Rarely[...]

Mark Wahlberg Blandly Reboots A Classic Character In “Spenser Confidential”

Director Peter Berg and star Mark Wahlberg putting their collaborative stamp on the Spenser novels (as well as the television show Spenser: For Hire) was always going to go one of two ways. Either their cinematic style would take the character and property in interesting new directions, or their version[...]

“The Burnt Orange Heresy” Goes Up In Flames

What a missed opportunity we have here. For two thirds of The Burnt Orange Heresy, this art world centered suspense film does a lot of things right. There’s quality acting, a sexy vibe, lovely settings, and a sense of foreboding doom that one can’t quite put their finger on. Then,[...]

“The Banker” Shines A Light On A Fascinating Story

The key to telling an historical drama, no matter what the subject matter is, often centers on the entertainment factor. Even if the story is deadly serious, if your audience is not having a good time, your ship is sunk. That doesn’t mean a Holocaust movie or a film about[...]

“Run This Town” Manages To Make Rob Ford Boring

Rob Ford was always going to have his story come to the big screen one day. It’s just too juicy and larger than life. Somehow, the story of how Ford, the Mayor of Toronto, was finally caught up in a scandal that stuck, is brought to dull life in Run[...]

Kelly Reichardt Crafts Another Character Study With “First Cow”

Over the years, filmmaker Kelly Reichardt has proven to be a rather steady and unique voice in the world of independent cinema. Largely starting with Old Joy (her breakthrough early feature), Reichardt has crafted a host of quality indies, including Wendy and Lucy, Meek’s Cutoff, Night Moves, and Certain Women.[...]

Pixar Again Earns Your Tears With “Onward”

If there’s one thing you can bank on when it comes to Pixar, it’s emotion. No matter the story that they’re telling, the animation experts will seek to bring you to tears. It’s one of the reasons why they’ve become the industry leader in making films that, while aimed at[...]

“All The Bright Places” Is Another Incredibly Touching Effort From Brett Haley

What a wonderful surprise this film is! Rather under the radar, Netflix has released one of the better movies of 2020 so far with All the Bright Places, a tremendously effective and mature adaptation of the Young Adult novel of the same name. YA titles can often pull their punches[...]