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“Robin’s Wish” Looks Tenderly At The Comedian’s Final Days And The Illness That Claimed His Life

The death of Robin Williams hit everyone hard. It just did. While the initial reports about his passing spoke about depression or a diagnosis of Parkinson’s, it wasn’t until a time later that any details about the actual problem surfaced. That would be Lewy Body Dementia, a cruel disorder that[...]

“Bill & Ted Face The Music” In This Long-Gestating Sequel

Long in the making sequels have been having a bit of a moment in Hollywood over the last handful of years. Properties long since thought dormant have come back to life, sometimes to great success. Now, Bill & Ted Face the Music hopes to be the latest IP to do[...]

“The Personal History Of David Copperfield” Is A Different Take On The Classic

I freely admit to having been indifferent to the idea of a new version of the David Copperfield story. Yes, the Charles Dickens novel is a classic, and rightly so, but were we clamoring for another take? The answer is no. However, the fact that filmmaker Armando Iannucci was going[...]

“The Binge” Has Funny Moments But Doesn’t Approach Its Satirical Potential

Full disclosure: I dislike The Purge film franchise intensely. In particular, the sequels have expanded on a potentially good genre idea and just become absolute dreck. So, a comedic satire of the whole thing contained strong possibilities for me. I’d 100% be on board with something of the sort. At[...]

“All Together Now” Is Another Humanistic Winner From Brett Haley

On the surface, the YA adaptation All Together Now may seem like something Netflix is releasing in an effort to capture the tween market. Sure, it’s adapted from a YA novel and has an appealing young cast, but the secret weapon here is that it’s made by an old soul[...]

“You Cannot Kill David Arquette” Is A Fascinating Documentary About The Actor Tackling Wrestling Once Again

David Arquette is known for a few things. He’s best recognized as Deputy Dewey Riley in the Scream franchise of films, of course. However, he’s also famous, or perhaps infamous, for being an actor who cameoed for a time in World Championship Wrestling (better known as WCW). Not only did[...]

“Tesla” Sees Ethan Hawke Play The Groundbreaking Inventor

Ethan Hawke is an actor capable of doing just about anything. We’ve seen him tackle, over the years, nearly all genres and all sizes of production, winning acclaim consistently. Here, with Tesla, he’s apparently going the prestige biopic route, though looks can be deceiving. While the appearance here is of[...]

“Ravage” Is An Unwaveringly Brutal Tale Of Survival (With A Bruce Dern Bonus)

Grindhouse type fare is a lost art. Whether it’s a horror effort or a thriller, being grim, gritty, and even gross is something that small scale filmmakers used to pursue to a far greater extent. Obviously, Robert Rodriguez and Quentin Tarantino tried to recapture the glory with the literal titled[...]

“The One And Only Ivan” Is A Simple Yet Family Friendly Tale

Disney is the premier company for family friendly fare, and rightly so. Their brand is synonymous with making children happy. At their best, they can also produce content that delights adults in the same manner. Their latest effort, The One and Only Ivan, attempts to pull that feat off, with[...]

“Words On Bathroom Walls” Gives A Mature Sheen To The YA Genre

It would have been very easy for Words on Bathroom Walls to take a simplistic approach to the story that it’s telling. Young Adult novels that get turned into movies tend to lean on heavy themes, but don’t always tackle them in particularly mature ways. This one, however, is willing[...]