“Skin: A History Of Nudity In The Movies” Manages To Be Very Entertaining Yet Never Exploitative

It’s really hard to make a documentary about movie nudity. Even with the best of intentions, one can really easily fall into exploitation and titillation, as opposed to information. Luckily, filmmaker Danny Wolf is up to the challenge, as his doc Skin: A History of Nudity in the Movies, is[...]

“Boys State” Provides An Equally Powerful And Upsetting Look At The Potential Future Of Political Division

Politics is, without question, a dirty business. At all levels, the political machine brings out (sometimes) the best in humanity, as well as (oftentimes, sadly) the worst in people. The startling and uniquely consuming documentary Boys State gets this, and depicts it with really tremendous clarity. Looking at a longstanding[...]

“Spree” Clumsily Seeks To Satirize The Influencer Lifestyle

It seems like there’s an entire generation out there that just seeks to go viral. Social Media and its positive and/or negative effect on the world is not a new debate, but cinema has certainly begun to chime in on that conversation. Spree, a satire with thriller and even some[...]

“Star Light” Offers Some B-Movie Fun

In the wrong hands, cliches are about the worst thing that can populate a film. Handled poorly, they just remind you all that can be wrong about cinema. However, cliches became that way for a reason, and are popular with some degree of cause. So, when filmmakers can lean in[...]

“Max Reload And The Nether Blasters” Offers Retro Fun

Retro games have an appeal that even their AAA titles on the Playstation 4 and XBOX One can’t quite compete with. Things for the original Nintendo Entertainment System, and before, contain a portal back to childhood that’s pretty singular. In crafting a sci-fi film that pays tribute to those sort[...]

Seth Rogen Pulls Surprisingly Sweet Double Duty In “An American Pickle”

There’s a charming weirdness at the core of An American Pickle, the latest Seth Rogen star vehicle. It’s a movie that sounds like it could be either amazing or terrible, depending on the execution. Luckily, Rogen and company give it a steady hand, as well as a singular identity, making[...]

“Red Penguins” Chronicles The Russian Partnership With An NHL Franchise

The sport of hockey, at least in the United States, didn’t always have the Russian influence that it now has. There was a time where players from the former Soviet Union first came over to American shores and started in the NHL. Filmmaker Gabe Polsky has looked at that before,[...]

“The Tax Collector” Showcases The Best And Worst Of David Ayer

There are several constants that you find in a David Ayer movie. He loves to explore the world of crime, as well as the thin lines of good and evil that exist within the criminal underworld. The same goes for when he’s focusing on cops (or even, I suppose, anti-heroes[...]

“I Used To Go Here” Is A Winning Hangout Comedy

What would you do if you wound up back at college? Many of us have wondered that over the years since graduating, but too many movies that think about that go broad and silly in their depiction. Not here, however, as I Used to Go Here finds a perfect angle[...]

“Waiting For The Barbarians” Makes You Wait Far Too Long

At the core of Waiting for the Barbarians, a surprisingly star-studded new independent release, is a concept that’s worthy of top-tier cinematic execution. Unfortunately, despite solid performances, great cinematography, and strong themes that should resonate, the emotion of it all is held too much at arm’s length. Being an intellectual[...]