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Jennifer Aniston at ‘Inside the Actors Studio’ with new beau

HollywoodNews.com: Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux don’t want to be apart at all, even when it comes to one of them having to work. Theroux recently accompanied Aniston while she was being interviewed on ‘Inside the Actors Studio,’ states People. He was reportedly sitting in the front row where the[...]

Jim Carrey, ‘I love you Phillip Morris’ Interview

hollywoodnews.com: Monday night at 8pm, everyone’s favorite Pet Detective finally sits down with James Lipton for Inside the Actors Studio. With recent praise for I Love You Phillip Morris and his upcoming hosting gig on SNL, you can bet this is something worth watching (based on these previews, this may[...]

James Franco causes a stir at ‘Inside the Actors Studio’

HollywoodNews.com: James Franco is apparently quite the draw at ‘Inside the Actors Studio’ as the audience went wild and many were turned away. It is being claimed that there were so many requests for tickets to Franco’s taping that a record number of people were rejected, states TMZ. Roughly more[...]

Betty White continues her run of success

HollywoodNews.com: Betty White is continuing to be at the center of attention and is now headed to ‘Inside the Actors Studio’ to sit down with James Lipton. White and Lipton will tape the episode sometime in late August with the episode to air in the fall, reports Access Hollywood. White[...]