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Christina Aguilera not letting body comments get to her

HollywoodNews.com: Christina Aguilera has become more voluptuous over the last year or so, but she isn’t letting the scrutiny over it get to her. Aguilera admitted that the industry expects a lot from women, and that she has grown used to all of it by now, states UsMagazine.com. And by[...]

Christina Aguilera accused of having another party hard night

HollywoodNews.com: Christina Aguilera has been accused of going a little wild ever since her split from her husband, and while she got things together for a while, she is back to her old ways. Aguilera was allegedly spotted stumbling out of a London club after spending the night with her[...]

Christina Aguilera hints at marital problems on both sides

HollywoodNews.com: Although it is believed that Christina Aguilera may have strayed from her marriage to Jordan Bratman, her new interview seems to say that he may have done the same. The singer revealed to ‘W’ magazine that they both weren’t on their best behaviors during their time together, states PopEater.[...]

Christina Aguilera stumbling out of more hotspots?

HollywoodNews.com: Hopefully Christina Aguilera has everything under control as she is seeing a lot of success on ‘The Voice,’ but she has also been rumored to be stumbling out of a lot of places. Ever since Aguilera’s run-in with the law some time ago, she has been spotted again being[...]

Christina Aguilera argues with Matt Lauer over intervention

HollywoodNews.com: Christina Aguilera has had a bumpy year and Matt Lauer wanted to talk a bit about it on the ‘Today’ show, including the details behind a rumored intervention that went on. Lauer asked Aguilera about the alleged intervention and she tried to hold her ground and explain what she[...]

Christina Aguilera’s closest reportedly want her in rehab

HollywoodNews.com: It seems that Christina Aguilera has been on a bit of a rollercoaster ride that is out of control since she announced her split from Jordan Bratman and now it is rumored that she needs help. It is being reported that Aguilera’s friends and business associates want the singer[...]

Don’t expect to see Christina Aguilera’s mug shot

HollywoodNews.com: While Christina Aguilera was arrested for public intoxication, it sounds like the public probably won’t be seeing her mug shot. Aguilera will reportedly not be prosecuted for any crime even though she was booked early this morning, states RadarOnline.com. Although she isn’t facing any charges, the singer will have[...]

Christina Aguilera arrested in West Hollywood

By Sean O’Connell Hollywoodnews.com: Pop singer Christina Aguilera and her boyfriend were arrested early Tuesday morning in West Hollywood for public intoxication and driving under the influence, respectively, TMZ is reporting. Aguilera was arrested after her boyfriend, 25-year-old Matthew Rutler, was busted for DUI. Law enforcement sources told TMZ that[...]

Christina Aguilera uninvited and wasted at birthday party?

HollywoodNews.com: It seems that Christina Aguilera was quite the surprise guest at Jeremy Renner’s star-studded birthday earlier in the month. Aguilera reportedly showed up uninvited to the event and then allegedly proceeded to get trashed, states UsMagazine.com. Apparently, Renner was talking about Aguilera being there and almost passing out in[...]

Christina Aguilera may have a problem with Julianne Hough

HollywoodNews.com: Despite rumors that Christina Aguilera and Julianne Hough got along on the set of ‘Burlesque,’ it sounds like things are not exactly great between the two women. Aguilera and Hough reportedly got into an argument at a party this last Friday hosted by CAA at the Soho House in[...]