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Amanda Bynes comments all is well, she is working on fashion line

HollywoodNews.com: Many seem to be concerned about Amanda Bynes after she was involved in an alleged DUI matter and two hit-and-run accidents along with exhibiting strange behavior, but she thinks no one should be worrying. Bynes recently spoke out about everything that is going on and claims that she is[...]

Lindsay Lohan thinks it’s unfair Amanda Bynes isn’t in jail

HollywoodNews.com: Lindsay Lohan has had her fair share of legal problems, and now that Amanda Bynes is having her own problems, Lindsay isn’t happy the other former child star isn’t in jail. Lindsay took to Twitter to complain about having to go to jail while Bynes is still out and[...]

Britney Spears’ picture: having fun on the set of ‘Glee’

By Molly Sullivan HollywoodNews.com: With the Britney Spears episode of ‘Glee’ being all that anyone can talk about, fans will be excited to see that Britney is on the set and at work making it an episode to catch. The singer took to her Twitter to let everyone know that[...]