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Matt Lauer continues to live with wife; no strife

Hollywoodnews.com: These wacky internet news reports. A day after the tabloids splashed that Matt Lauer was splitting from his wife Annette, the couple today are refuting such reports. “I am living in my apartment with Annette and my children as a family and a couple,” Lauer tells People. “I have[...]

“Today Show’s” Matt Lauer accused of cheating, booted out of the house

Hollywoodnews.com: OK, it takes a very special woman, or string of women, to hook up with “Today Show” host Matt Lauer, 52. Where is the excitement in Lauer? In his Kevin Nealon looks? In his reenactments of his fight with Tom Cruise on air? Does he have a suave way[...]