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Kanye West, Shakira speak out against Arizona immigrant law

By Andy Pemberton HollywoodNews.com: Protests against Arizona’s controversial new immigration law are alive with the sound of music: a host of popular musicians have spoken out against the law, urging a boycott of Arizona and recording songs to voice support for legal and illegal immigrants from Mexico and LAtin America[...]

Ricky Martin speaks out against Arizona law

By Greg Hernandez Good to see Ricky Martin speaking out against Arizona’s new immigration law. At the Billboard Latin Music Awards this week, the now openly gay singer took the stage and said: I want to send a warm greeting to all our Latin America friends who live in the[...]

Jesse James not wearing wedding ring

Last week we reported that after nearly a month of laying low from the paparazzi, Sandra Bullock was finally spotted on a hike in Northern California not wearing her wedding ring. Many saw this as a sign that for sure their marriage is over and now she is just waiting[...]

Tiger Woods enters sex rehab for his sex addiction

X17 has exclusively reported that Tiger Woods has entered rehab for his sex addiction. His handlers have forced him to check into a facility in Arizona called The Meadows. Woods plans on staying for 4 to 5 weeks of treatment to be out by Valentine’s Day. His handlers have said,[...]