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Demi Lovato explains that her breakdown wasn’t due to a guy

HollywoodNews.com: Demi Lovato has been very open about the breakdown she had last year that resulted in her time in rehab, but she wants to make it clear that it was about so much more than a guy. While Lovato was dealing with her split from Joe Jonas and the[...]

Jennifer Lopez debuts her new CD with L.A. event

HollywoodNews.com: Jennifer Lopez has kicked off the release of her latest CD by lighting up L.A. in a sequined gold jumpsuit. Lopez debuted her CD ‘Love?’ at The Grove while she arrived on a double-decker bus, states RadarOnline.com. Lopez brought her friends and backup dancers with her for the proud[...]

Demi Lovato’s punching settlement seems official

HollywoodNews.com: There have been rumors of a previous settlement between Demi Lovato and backup dancer Alex Welch, but now it seems official. Welch has reportedly received a settlement in the incident where she was allegedly punched by the teen star, states TMZ. Welch’s attorney, Donald Karpel, has reportedly commented that[...]

Demi Lovato’s dad warns about suing his daughter

HollywoodNews.com: Demi Lovato’s dad, Patrick Lovato, doesn’t think the girl who was allegedly punched by his daughter should even bother with suing because she isn’t going to win. Backup dancer Alex Walsh was reportedly hit by Demi before she went to rehabilitation and now she is allegedly considering her legal[...]

Did Demi Lovato punch her backup dancer?

HollywoodNews.com: Rumors have been running wild about what caused Demi Lovato to check herself into rehab and one rumor was about a possible altercation with a backup dancer. It was alleged that the altercation occurred because Demi thought the dancer ratted her out about partying one night. Now, it appears[...]

Glee’s Heather Morris on dancing and that other Britney

HollywoodNews.com: When Britney Spears tweets a picture of you, it’s safe to say you’re a big deal. But Heather Morris–who plays the deliciously dim-witted Brittany on “Glee”–plays it cool. ““I have a really good mother who taught me well,” she says simply. When Morris was booted from “So You Think[...]