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George Clooney’s recent elbow injury explained

HollywoodNews.com: George Clooney was recently photographed with his elbow in a sling, and now the injury has been explained. It seems that Clooney’s elbow surgery was due to a torn tendon, states UsMagazine.com. The surgery was allegedly done to repair the tear, but no other details about the injury are[...]

George Clooney’s recent elbow surgery

HollywoodNews.com: George Clooney has been busy promoting films, but it seems he recently took time to have elbow surgery. Clooney was at a Baltimore Ravens game where a picture was snapped of him wrapped up in an arm sling, states TMZ. When people noticed the physical change, his rep confirmed[...]

Sandra Bullock’s Oscar-winning “Blind Side” performance yours to own

BY SEAN O’CONNELL This should have been Sandra Bullock’s shining moment. The beloved A-lister was supposed to be riding a wave of euphoria following her recent Oscar win. Instead, she has had to deal with a humiliating, public sex scandal that could rip her marriage to motorcyclist Jesse James in[...]