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What Bethenny Frankel is watching on TV

By Molly Sullivan HollywoodNews.com: With a new baby, marriage, booming business and her own TV show, it might seem like reality TV star Bethenny Frankel wouldn’t have time to watch TV, but she does and is revealing what shows make the cut. The ‘Bethenny Getting Married?’ star is listing ‘Mad[...]

Bethenny Frankel’s style rules for new daughter

By Molly Sullivan HollywoodNews.com: As Bethenny Frankel is settling into motherhood with her daughter Bryn, she is learning how she wants to dress her little girl as she continues to grow. The ‘Bethenny Getting Married?’ star reveals that she isn’t too focused on what’s in right now: “If [it’s] $4.99[...]

Bethenny Frankel’s advice: “taste everything, eat nothing”

HollywoodNews.com: In only about three months after giving birth to her daughter, Bryn, Bethenny Frankel has snapped back into shape in order to pose in a bikini and is revealing that she doesn’t have any drastic secrets to share. The ‘Bethenny Getting Married?’ star claims that she has “been eating,[...]

Bethenny Frankel dishes on how to get and stay naturally thin

HollywoodNews.com: Bethenny Frankel is not only the star of her own reality show “Bethenny Gets Married?,” but she also has just released a new workout DVD entitled “Body by Bethenny.” She recently sat down with TV.com to share how she stays in shape despite her hectic schedule. She said, “People[...]

Bethenny Frankel annoyed by Gisele’s breastfeeding comment

HollywoodNews.com: Mothers around the world reacted to model Gisele Bundchen’s comment that there should be a law for mother’s to breastfeed for six months and now reality TV star and new mother Bethenny Frankel is putting in her two cents. The Bethenny Getting Married? star has commented back that a[...]

Bethenny Frankel’s lost show footage comes to life

HollywoodNews.com: Bethenny Frankel’s new show “Bethenny Getting Married?” may have had the season finale already, but the show’s lost footage is finally going to get a chance to come to life in a special post-finale episode. Bravo has just released a first look at the footage that features Jason Hoppy[...]

Bethenny Frankel explains baby weight loss

HollywoodNews.com: As reality TV star Bethenny Frankel has bounced back physically pretty quickly after having her baby, she’s letting fans in on the fact that she didn’t have any diet or exercise secrets. While appearing on ‘Chelsea Lately,’ Frankel revealed that most of her weight loss occurred because she had[...]

First look at the season finale of ‘Bethenny’s Getting Married?’

HollywoodNews.com: We’ve all watched Bethenny Frankel get married, have a baby, and have the career of her dreams, but unfortunately the first season of “Bethenny’s Getting Married?” is finally coming to a close. In the season finale, Bethenny finally adjusts to motherhood as she embarks on her first family vacation.[...]

Bethenny Frankel says “conversations are happening” for baby #2

HollywoodNews.com: Bethenny Frankel just gave birth to her first daughter, Bryn, and while she is enjoying life as a mother she admits that she’s already thinking about baby number two. Frankel told US Magazine, “Jason wants to have one more. No plans right now, but conversations [are happening].” She adds[...]

Bethenny Frankel’s advice to ‘Real Housewives of D.C.’

HollywoodNews.com: Now that she’s a new mom and an experienced reality TV star, Bethenny Frankel is giving the D.C. housewives a little advice in how to handle their children’s involvement with the reality TV show. According to Hollywood Life, Frankel thinks they should “keep [their] kids out of it as[...]