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‘Jackass 3D’ no donkey at the box office, fires up $50 million

HollywoodNews.com: MTV/Paramount’s “Jackass 3D” overperformed at the weekend box office, earning $50 million. The studio employed a number of marketing maneuvers in resurrecting the franchise’s profile among its devoted twentysomething fanbase, i.e. a Comic-con launch as well as 10th anniversary specials on MTV. Paramount, largely due to the film’s 3D[...]

Angelina Jolie talks about her attraction to ‘Salt’

HollywoodNews.com: Angelina Jolie was attracted to the role as a double-agent in her latest thriller “Salt” as it offered a complex take on the private-public facets of humanity. “There’s a part of us that has a private self,” the actress tells MTV News, “We also have these sides to us[...]

Chris Pine will star as Jack Ryan in winter or early spring

HollywoodNews.com: Notice any big franchise titles missing from the summer box office? Remember novelist Tom Clancy’s character Jack Ryan? Producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura reveals that Jack Ryan will return before the cameras in “Moscow” in either late winter or early spring. Chris Pine of “Star Trek” fame is expected to[...]