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Cameron Douglas points out his drug dealers to avoid more jail time

HollywoodNews.com: The drug dealer son of Michael Douglas has fingered his alleged drug suppliers for authorities, according to reports. Cameron Douglas is currently behind bars until December 2013 on drug dealing charges. Now Californians David Escalera, 34, and Eduardo Escalera, 31, have been charged with supplying ‘large amounts’ of methamphetamine[...]

Michael Douglas’ son sentenced to 5 years in prison

Earlier we reported that Michael Douglas’ son Cameron Douglas was in a downward spiral into darkness. He was arrested and pleaded guilty for playing the role of a methamphetamine trafficker and was facing up to 10 years in prison. Just last week the judge turned down the request for Cameron[...]

Judge turns down request for Michael Douglas’ son to be sentenced in secret

Earlier this month we reported that Michael Douglas’ son, Cameron Douglas, was being charged for selling large amounts of drugs (including methamphetamine and cocaine), in a case in which he pleaded guilty. While it was unsure as to how the case was going to go and he could face up[...]

Cameron Douglas and his downward spiral into darkness

Cameron Douglas, the son of Hollywood star Michael Douglas, had found himself caught up in a whirlwind of drug abuse. Strung out on heroin sometimes six times a day, the hollywood heir was on a road to nowhere. Federal agents showed up unexpected at his house accusing him of playing[...]