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‘Eat Pray Love’ leaves Catholic leaders with indigestion

HollywoodNews.com: Catholic leaders are apparently perturbed that Julia Roberts’ character in “Eat Pray Love” doesn’t bother to worship at a basilica in its Italian setting, despite feasting at every eatery in Rome. In addition, they are not pleased with Roberts protagonist indulging in an “unhealthy atmosphere of semi-idolatrous worship” as[...]

Taylor Momsen continues rant with priest joke

HollywoodNews.com: Taylor Momsen continues to clearly speak her opinion and spout off a few comments that may offend some people. The young rocker recently joked about one of her songs and why she wrote it in response to the Catholic church and priests accused of molestation: “”I was raised Catholic.[...]

Mel Gibson heads to church

HollywoodNews.com: With all of his recent drama, Mel Gibson has somewhat gone into hiding, likely to avoid any further media drama. However, for the first time since the Oksana Grigorieva story broke, Gibson was photographed in public, reports TMZ. Gibson was pictured walking from his home to a nearby Catholic[...]

Mel Gibson’s Self Destruction Continues Unabated

By Roger Friedman hollywoodnews.com: More tapes of his horrific conversations with baby mama Oksana Grigorieva have been released by Radar Online, aka the National Enquirer. (Yes, they are one and the same.) On this new tape, which Grigorieva patiently recorded while Mel went ballistic over the phone, includes death threats[...]

Susan Boyle close to landing the gig of her lifetime

HollywoodNews.com: Susan Boyle has had a tough road to fame. After being recognized on Britain’s Got Talent, she’s broken records, gotten her own documentary, and even sought after to make an appearance on the hit FOX show Glee. However, in between all those accomplishments she’s had some major breakdowns that[...]

Sinead O’Connor slips under the radar at U2 screening

By Andy Pemberton HollywoodNews.com: Sinead O’ Connor looked totally unrecognizeable when she attended a premier for U2’s new tour movie U2360.See the astonishing pictures here. Gone was the shaven head and Bambi eyes of yore. The 43 year old look dowdy in a grey cardigan and baggy black pants. The[...]