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“X-Men: Apocalypse” is another epic mutant battle

Did you know that the X-Men franchise is currently the longest running superhero franchise out there? Well, it is, which might surprise you. Though it didn’t get off the ground as early as the Batman or Superman franchises did, this one, which got going about 16 years ago, has managed[...]

Paris Hilton reportedly felt ambushed during ‘GMA’ interview

HollywoodNews.com: It was recently reported that Paris Hilton wasn’t so happy with a ‘Good Morning America’ interview that asked if she was relevant, but that is apparently because the conversation wasn’t supposed to go there. It is rumored that Dan Harris went off the agreed upon topics that include the[...]

Paris Hilton annoyed with ‘Good Morning America’ interview

HollywoodNews.com: Paris Hilton has done a lot of interviews throughout the years, but a recent one with ‘Good Morning America’ seemed to really annoy her. Dan Harris interviewed Hilton and started talking about her celebrity status at one point in relation to her current struggling reality show, states RadarOnline.com. Harris[...]