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Howard Stern: “I’d be better than the Hoff” on “America’s Got Talent”

By Sean O’Connell Hollywoodnews.com: Howard Stern fans, by definition, can’t get enough Howard Stern. They’d like to see their “King of All Media” on as many pop-culture programs as possible, extending his brand beyond the Sirius/XM Satellite radio program he hosts most mornings. And Stern, for his part, feeds the[...]

Charlie Sheen’s roast finally gets a host

HollywoodNews.com: It looks like Charlie Sheen’s Comedy Central roast is coming together as a host has finally been chosen. It is reported that Sheen will be roasted on September 19th with ‘Family Guy’ creator Seth MacFarlane hosting the event, states UsMagazine.com. “Charlie is a true icon with a talent that[...]

Tom Hanks UK “Larry” premiere light on star power

By Sean O’Connell Hollywoodnews.com: Tom Hanks is hitting the publicity trail for his second directorial effort “Larry Crowne,” which will be in U.S. theaters on July 1. The PR push began with a film premiere in London, however, where the two-time Oscar winner found himself in need of some A-list[...]

Is David Hasselhoff already a diva on new show?

HollywoodNews.com: It seems David Hasselhoff has some diva tendencies, at least when it comes to his demands on ‘Britain’s Got Talent.’ Hasselhoff, who is reportedly going to be one of the new judges, is allegedly already demanding a lot, states Digital Spy (via Daily Star Sunday). For starters, he is[...]

David Hasselhoff’s show apparently didn’t have an audience

HollywoodNews.com: David Hasselhoff had a short-lived reality show because apparently audiences weren’t that interested in him and his daughters. The former ‘Baywatch’ star’s latest show, ‘The Hasselhoff’s,’ was canceled after only two episodes, states RadarOnline.com. The ratings were apparently so low that the remaining eight episodes will not be aired.[...]

David Hasselhoff moving to London for work?

HollywoodNews.com: If rumors are true, David Hasselhoff may soon be in London for a new job that he kind of already has experience with in the U.S. Hasselhoff is reportedly going to take over Simon Cowell’s judging role on ‘Britain’s Got Talent,’ states PopEater. The TV star has previously been[...]

David Hasselhoff grateful for drunken hamburger eating video

HollywoodNews.com: Although most people would think it’s pretty embarrassing to have everyone see a video of them drunkenly eating a hamburger, David Hasselhoff is grateful for this occurrence. Hasselhoff admits that the 2007 YouTube video shot by his daughter ended up changing a lot for him, states Digital Spy (via[...]

David Hasselhoff apparently not handling dancing exit well

HollywoodNews.com: Although it appeared that David Hasselhoff exited graciously as the first to go from ‘Dancing with the Stars,’ it sounds like he may not be very pleased with the recent outcome. It is being rumored that he “is blaming everyone but himself for the vote. Backstage after the show,[...]

David Hasselhoff the first dancer voted off ‘DWTS’

HollywoodNews.com: David Hasselhoff was all the talk was about leading up to the premiere of ‘Dancing with the Stars,’ but it appears that he just didn’t have enough to get him into the second week. Hasselhoff was the first star voted off the dancing competition show this week as his[...]

David Hasselhoff isn’t worried about “The Situation”

HollywoodNews.com: As David Hasselhoff prepares for his big ‘Dancing with the Stars’ premiere, the only competition he is worried about is himself. When asked on ‘Access Hollywood Live’ about reality TV star Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino, Hasselhoff responded confidently: “[T]here’s no situation I can’t handle,” reports OMG!. In fact, he’s[...]