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Michael Lohan fesses up to booking Lindsay on Letterman

HollywoodNews.com: Well, it seems it was Lindsay Lohan’s own father who booked her on David Letterman’s show to read off the Top Ten list. It was previously reported that Lindsay would be on the show, but then it was retracted as Lindsay claimed she made no agreement, states Hollyscoop. Now,[...]

Lindsay Lohan mix up means no David Letterman appearance

By Sean O’Connell Hollywoodnews.com: There’s no truth to the report that Lindsay Lohan will read the Top 10 list on tomorrow night’s “Late Show” with David Letterman. (Cue the jokes that Lohan bailed because she can’t read). Instead, after announcing that Lohan would appear on the late-night talk show, Letterman[...]

Lady Gaga has gotten Madonna’s approval for “Born This Way”

HollywoodNews.com: While people might think that Lady Gaga’s song “Born This Way” is a copycat of Madonna’s “Express Yourself,” it really does matter what Madonna thinks. Gaga revealed to David Letterman that she did receive approval from Madonna, states Hollyscoop. “Well, the good news is that I got an e-mail[...]

Anderson Cooper on being attacked in Egypt

HollywoodNews.com: Anderson Cooper and his production crew were recently attacked in Egypt by pro-Mubarak demonstrators and now he is talking about what happened. When Cooper appeared on David Letterman’s show, he revealed that the crew was hoping to actually talk to the demonstrators, states Just Jared. He then revealed that[...]

Howard Stern attacks Jay Leno on Letterman’s show

By Sean O’Connell Hollywoodnews.com: The late-night war between David Letterman and Jay Leno heated up once again, this time because a morning-show personality fired off a few shots. That would be Howard Stern, who appeared on Letterman’s talk show last night and went after Leno, who Stern openly has been[...]

Howard Stern attacks Jay Leno on Piers Morgan’s new show

By Sean O’Connell Hollywoodnews.com: Piers Morgan’s new evening talk show, formerly hosted by Larry King on CNN, is off to a rip-roaring start. His debut episode, which benefited from Oprah Winfrey in the guest chair, drew nearly 2.1 million viewers, according to CBS News. It remains to be seen how[...]

Weinsteins alive and well this Oscar season – AWARDS SEASON ROUNDUP

By Sean O’Connell Hollywoodnews.com: HollywoodNews.com’s Awards Season Roundup collects insights from around the Internet on films that are running in the Oscar race. Harvey and Bob Weinstein are back in business, from an Oscar perspective. Speaking of one of their Oscar hopefuls, Helena Bonham Carter talks “The King’s Speech,” which[...]

Emma Watson is the “Hollywood Hottie of the Week”

HollywoodNews.com: Emma Watson has become one of the hottest young actresses today, largely due to the “Harry Potter” franchise that has given her a platform to shine on and excel. As part one of the final chapter of the last “Harry Potter” film kicks off tomorrow, Emma continues to command[...]

TV Appearances to Promote Release of “Deathly Hallows”

HollywoodNews.com: Several members of the main cast for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part 1 will be making television appearances to promote the release of the seventh film, which hits theaters this Friday. Fans of the films can find Daniel Radcliffe (Harry Potter), Rupert Grint (Ron Weasley), Emma[...]

Jimmy Eat World are back with “Invented”

HollywoodNews.com: Jimmy Eat World’s sixth studio album “Invented” is available in stores and digitally today. The album marks the reunion of the band and producer Mark Trombino who served as producer on the band’s two biggest selling albums “Clarity” and “Bleed American.” The deluxe version of the album is currently[...]