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Kathy Griffin Is “Straight Ally of the Year” When it has been time to step up and speak out in favor of same-sex marriage, against Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell, and about the bullying that has led to too many gay teens to kill themselves, Kathy Griffin has been there with clarity, conviction, and with the facts. She[...]

Lady Gaga, celebs celebrate ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’ win Now that ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’ has been officially shot down, celebrities are celebrating the historic moment. Lady Gaga, who has been very vocal about the matter, went on Twitter to say some more: “Can’t hold back the tears + pride. We did it!! Our voice was heard +[...]

Finally ‘Don’t Ask Don’t Tell’ policy is dead

By Greg Hernandez The United States Senate on Saturday finally struck down the ban on gay men and lesbians serving openly in the military. By a vote of 65 to 31, the senators are ending a 17-year struggle over a discriminatory policy that forced thousands of Americans from the[...]

Lady Gaga unveils what she calls “The Prime Rib of America” Ever since Lady Gaga hit the MTV Video Music Award stage to accept the closing night’s award in her controversial “meat” dress, she has been one of the biggest activists for the openly gay men and women from the Armed Forces, and even brought along a few of them[...]

Lady Gaga using fame to make a difference for LGBT community

By Greg Hernandez Lady Gaga has turned out to be a wonderful LGBT ally and she is using her immense fame to try and make a difference. After Sunday’s MTV Video Music Awards, she spoke with Ellen DeGeneres in the video above about her campaign to have the military’s[...]

‘A Marine Story’ is one of the highlights of Outfest 2010

By Greg Hernandez With Dreya Weber as the star and a producer along with JD Disalvatore and writer-director Ned Farr behind this film, I knew going in that A Marine Story was probably going to be a pretty good movie. It turned out to be a superb movie and[...]

Lady Gaga performs new song, reveals theme of ‘bitter’ upcoming album

By Whitney Milam Lady Gaga debuted an all-new song she called “You and I” at Elton John’s 12th Annual White Tie and Tiara ball this week, and it’s a melodic, soft-rock ballad speculated to be about her recent ex. Lady Gaga herself states, only somewhat ironically, “It’s a rock-n-roll[...]