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Lindsay Lohan upsets judge, gets probation revoked

Hollywoodnews.com: Lindsay Lohan may have thought she was doing everything right in regard to her probation requirements, but it seems the judge on her case does not agree. Judge Stephanie Sautner has revoked Lindsay’s probation and set another hearing for November 2nd, states TMZ. The judge found that she had[...]

Lindsay Lohan reportedly committed to community service

Hollywoodnews.com: It has been rumored that Lindsay Lohan has not been following through on her community service requirements, but her rep claims that she is dedicated to completing everything. Lindsay’s rep, Steve Honig, has commented that the actress has been showing up to a different community service assignment, states RadarOnline.com.[...]

Lindsay Lohan may see jail time over not following probation

HollywoodNews.com: Lindsay Lohan apparently hasn’t been following the rules as she has reportedly been slacking when it comes to completing the terms of her probation. Lindsay has reportedly already violated the order of seeing a psychologist once per week, states TMZ. The judge on the case was not taking excuses[...]

Lindsay Lohan heads to community service after being freed

HollywoodNews.com: Lindsay Lohan is now free from house arrest, so she is using her free time well by heading to her community service gig. Lindsay was reportedly spotted going into the Downtown Women’s Center where she will complete her hours, states TMZ. Lindsay will also have to undergo psychological counseling[...]

Lindsay Lohan already registered for her community service

HollywoodNews.com: Lindsay Lohan is apparently very serious about fulfilling all her legal requirements these days as she has reportedly already registered for community service. Lindsay’s attorney, Shawn Holley, reportedly filed forms this week in regard to Lindsay’s intention to perform 360 hours of community service at the Downtown Women’s Center,[...]