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The Hunger Games: The hunt for a new director is on

HollywoodNews.com: The Playlist doesn’t break news all that often, merely seeing fit to be a one-stop shop for the movie news that everyone else breaks during the day (I don’t mean that as an insult, The Playlist is the site I go to if I only have time to surf[...]

Alicia Keys admits she was made for motherhood and no sleep

HollywoodNews.com: While most mothers struggle with a lack of sleep when they have children, Alicia Keys is finding that part to be the least of her worries. Keys had her first child this last year, but feels like it was something she was always meant to do, states MTV. “I[...]

Assaulted journalist Lara Logan released from hospital

HollywoodNews.com: Journalist Lara Logan, who was brutally attacked and sexually assaulted in Egypt on Feb.11, the day President Mubarak stepped down from political power, was released from the hospital, according to ABC News. Logan was reportedly released from the hospital on Tuesday around 5 p.m. A source told ABC News[...]

Nir Rosen apologizes for “insensitive” Lara Logan Twitter jokes

By Sean O’Connell Hollywoodnews.com: The journalist who took to Twitter to poke fun at Lara Logan and Anderson Cooper – both of whom were attacked while covering the political uprisings in Egypt – has apologized for his insensitive statements. “I deeply regret making insensitive but completely insincere jokes to a[...]

Kim Kardashian, Lindsay Lohan get political for Egypt

HollywoodNews.com: Apparently Kim Kardashian and Lindsay Lohan have been keeping track of what has been going on in Egypt, despite what many may think. Both stars hit up Twitter to show their support in the situation where President Mubarak remanded control to the military upon resigning. Kim showed how happy[...]

Anderson Cooper on being attacked in Egypt

HollywoodNews.com: Anderson Cooper and his production crew were recently attacked in Egypt by pro-Mubarak demonstrators and now he is talking about what happened. When Cooper appeared on David Letterman’s show, he revealed that the crew was hoping to actually talk to the demonstrators, states Just Jared. He then revealed that[...]

Anderson Cooper latest journalist to leave Egypt

HollywoodNews.com: CNN anchor Anderson Cooper announced today via his Twitter account that he is leaving Egypt after he and his crew were targeted in Cairo this past week. “It is with a heavy heart that I have decided to leave Egypt,” Cooper wrote on his Twitter. He added in a[...]

Katie Couric, Brian Williams Leave Egypt After Being Mobbed

HollywoodNews.com: After being mobbed Wednesday near Tahrir Square in Cairo, news anchor Katie Couric has decided to leave Egypt and return to the United States, according to The New York Times. Couric has been reporting from Cairo since Tuesday, but departed the war-torn city today and landed in New York[...]

Charlie Sheen wants you to stop focusing on his life

HollywoodNews.com: Charlie Sheen really doesn’t understand why everyone is so interested in how he spends his time when much bigger things are going on. Sheen reportedly opened up about the recent rumors surrounding him, states E! News. He reportedly commented that everything is just a rumor and he will not[...]

Anderson Cooper suffers attack in Egypt

HollywoodNews.com: Anderson Cooper has taken some risks for his work, but this time he ended up in a very serious and dangerous situation. Cooper was reporting for CNN in Egypt when he was attacked, states People. Demonstrators who are reportedly standing by President Hosni Mubarak waged the attack. The crew[...]