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Lindsay Lohan gets a change of judges on probation matter Lindsay Lohan is probably pretty lucky as she will reportedly not have to appear in front of Judge Elden Fox on her probation violation matter. Judge Keith Schwartz will reportedly be handling all her cases as of now as the probation case has been moved, states This is[...]

Lindsay Lohan to stay in rehab, no jail time Lindsay Lohan got off relatively easy today as she was told to stay in rehab by Judge Elden Fox instead of facing more jail time. Lindsay has reportedly been ordered to stay at the Betty Ford Center until January 3, 2011, states The district attorney on the case[...]

Should Lindsay Lohan spend a year in jail? Lindsay Lohan could very well be sentenced to a year in jail if Judge Elden Fox deems it appropriate. At Lindsay’s upcoming hearing, the judge could terminate her probation and send her to jail instead of allowing her to stay in rehab, states The actress would get credit[...]

Lindsay Lohan to get her 3rd SCRAM bracelet Lindsay Lohan has had quite the day. First she arrived at the courthouse dressed nicely and looking confident, only to be shocked when Judge Elden Fox granted her no bail for failing her drug tests. She was then handcuffed and sent back to Lynwood Correctional Facility while her attorney[...]

Lindsay Lohan will soon be a free woman after paying $300,000 After everyone was shocked this morning when Judge Elden Fox sent Lindsay Lohan to jail without bail, her lawyers have been doing everything to get her out and apparently it has worked. A judge has just reversed Fox’s decision and has granted Lohan bail, because according to California law,[...]

Lindsay Lohan taking the next step to get out of jail Lindsay Lohan’s lawyer, Shawn Chapman Holley, is reportedly moving forward with the actress’ case and doing what she can to get her out of jail. An appeal of Judge Elden Fox’s decision was reportedly filed today by Lindsay’s lawyer, states TMZ. Holley allegedly claims that the judge has to[...]

Lindsay Lohan pleading for bail Now that Lindsay Lohan is back in jail, she is reportedly begging to be allowed bail by the judge on her case. Lindsay’s lawyer, Shawn Chapman Holley, is reportedly meeting with Judge Elden Fox and the deputy district attorney, states The three allegedly went straight to the judge’s[...]

Lindsay Lohan headed back to jail You can bet that Lindsay Lohan didn’t see this one coming. The actress is heading back to jail. Judge Elden Fox wasn’t kidding around when he told her that he would keep her to a strict order if she slipped up. Shockingly, he has denied her bail and she[...]

Lindsay Lohan inside the courtroom for over 40 minutes Lindsay Lohan showed up to her court date this morning in a high skirt, heels, and tons of jewelry, being a sure sign that she doesn’t think she’ll be going to jail today. After failing drug tests, her fate will now be determined by Judge Elden Fox. Lohan arrived[...]

Lindsay Lohan’s judge denies media requests for Friday’s hearing Lindsay Lohan has a big day tomorrow. After slipping up on some drug tests and violating her agreement, she is going in for another court date tomorrow where Judge Elden Fox will determine whether she will be heading back to jail or not. However, as much as we would[...]