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Tiger Woods’ wife returns home from Sweden

Earlier today we reported that Tiger Woods was acting flirtatious on the party scene while Elin was away with the kids in Sweden. Sources close to Tiger had stated that he was ready to move back into the night life and that women have been coming up talking to him[...]

Tiger Woods acting flirtatious on the party scene

Tiger Woods has been getting used to his single life more and more in Orlando. Elin is still in Sweden with the kids spending time with her family and friends trying to figure out what to do. While the two of them have spent more time away from each other,[...]

Tiger Woods’ wife continues to stay in Sweden with her family

It seems like all the media has been focusing around Tiger Woods and his daily activities, but has had no focus on his wife Elin Nordegren who is off in Sweden with their two kids. While Tiger has been continuing his life, acting like a single man, all we knew[...]

Tiger Woods confesses to sleeping with 121 women while with Elin

Tiger Woods just can’t get enough of the media. I don’t know if he is trying to hurt his golf career or if he is trying to help it by always being the talk of the town. We knew that Tiger had slept with many women who have already come[...]

Tiger Woods’ wife wants to move to Sweden

Tiger Woods’ wife has currently been in Sweden with their two kids taking some time away from Tiger and the tension between the two of them. Tiger has been back in Orlando living a good life with no sign that he is worried or even concerned about Elin. He has[...]

Tiger Woods blogs on his fan support, family time

Tiger Woods has taken to his official website to submit a blog in which he remembers the past month from his return to golf at the Masters to his personal life. In that post he takes time to mention maybe the only people still supporting him stating, “I honestly didn’t[...]

Tiger Woods and Michael Jordan mingle together

Tiger Woods was spotted earlier talking to a realtor in Orlando, possibly thinking about purchasing a new property for himself. And while right now Tiger is staying at his parent’s house, it looks like maybe he wants some new freedom. Elin is still on vacation in Sweden with their two[...]

Tiger Woods and Elin to be separated for weeks

Tiger Woods and Elin haven’t been spending much, if any time together the past few months ever since Tiger decided to make his return to golf. Elin saw this as an insult, putting golf before their failing marriage and caused her to become very angry. Not only did she miss[...]

Tiger Woods’ wife, Elin, in Sweden with children

Volcanic ash and worldwide flight cancellations weren’t an issue for Elin Nordegren, who packed up her and Tiger Woods’ children and jet-set home to Sweden, where she’s expected to take a long, but not extended, vacation. Sawfnews.com reports that Nordegren arrived in Stockholm at 4:30 a.m. local time Tuesday morning.[...]

Monday Round Up: Carrie Underwood, Tiger Woods, Lea Michele

By Andy Pemberton Get the weekend’s gossip in one handy to consume place. Weekend Box Office Totals– 1. “How to Train Your Dragon,” $20 million, 2. “Kick-Ass,” $19.75 million, 3. “Date Night,” $17.3 million, 4. “Death at a Funeral,” $17 million, 5. “Clash of the Titans,” $15.8 million. / AP,[...]