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Is Tiger Woods Filing for Divorce?

By Staff Is Tiger Woods ready to file for divorce? After Tiger Woods admitted to cheating with as many as 120 women while he was still married to Elin, according to the National Enquirer, his married may be over for ever. Tiger reportedly met with divorce lawyer Jeff Fisher. Fisher[...]

Tiger Woods goes out partying after Elin leaves

You would think that Tiger Woods would do everything in his power to lay low away from the media as not to create any more controversy. But following the news that Elin left to her home in Sweden with their two kids to be away from Tiger, he has continued[...]

Tiger Woods’ wife leaves on 4th vacation alone

Tiger Woods and Elin might as well just call it quits. Now that Tiger has announced he is going to be partaking in the Quail Hollow Championships in less than two weeks, it looks like his priorities are not on his personal life. And from his recent 4th place finish[...]

Tiger Woods takes home 4th place at the Masters

BY STAFF Tiger Woods has been in the spotlight for quite some time now, following the breaking news that he has had multiple affairs with many women. He went to an Arizona facility to undergo a “sex addiction” treatment, but not even that can save his marriage. With the recent[...]

Jim Carrey: Tiger Woods’ wife had 2 ba willing participant on the ride…

BY STAFF Jim Carrey took to Twitter again to make an observation about Tiger Wood’s marriage woes. Apparently, he suggested that Tiger’s wife, Elin Woods, may have turned a blind eye to Tiger’s cheating. Radaronline.com reports that Carrey said in his Twitter “”no wife is blind enough to miss that[...]

Tiger Woods and Elin getting worse

BY STAFF Tiger Woods has been focusing on his future by spending most of the time on the golf course these days, and away from wife Elin who has been humiliated to say the least. Despite reports that she didn’t want Tiger to return to golf so soon, he still[...]