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‘Glee’ star Chord Overstreet reveals music he wants on show

HollywoodNews.com: As it appears that ‘Glee’ can get just about anyone to lend their music to the show, star Chord Overstreet has a few requests. Overstreet revealed the musicians he would like to cover on the show including John Mayer, Coldplay, Aerosmith, Al Green, Elton John and more, states Just[...]

Elton John “can’t write pop music anymore” – won’t compete with Gaga

HollywoodNews.com: Rock legend Sir Elton John said his writing days are over after admitting he cannot compete with Lady Gaga. Sir Elton added that he will continue with side projects but won’t be putting out a solo single again. The 63 year-old told GQ magazine: “I’m 63, I don’t want[...]

Elton John is pulling the plug on future pop songs

HollywoodNews.com: Sir Elton John exclaims he’s had it with pop music. Why so cynical Elton? Apparently, he doesn’t want to compete with the likes of artists on the charts nowadays. Speaking to GQ, John said, “Look, I’m 63. I don’t want to be on VH1 or MTV. I’m not going[...]

Elton John has some opinions on ‘X Factor’ fame

HollywoodNews.com: Elton John has been around the industry for quite some time now, so he feels pretty strongly when it comes to his opinion on the instant fame reality shows can bring people. John opened up that he feels contestants on ‘The X Factor’ might have some trouble when they[...]

Christina Aguilera performs at Justin Timberlake’s benefit

HollywoodNews.com: Christina Aguilera isn’t letting her personal drama hold back her professional life as she performed at a special event. Aguilera reportedly performed at The Justin Timberlake and Friends Concert in Las Vegas this weekend, states RadarOnline.com. She allegedly performed her song “Fighter,” which seems pretty appropriate right now. Aguilera[...]

Lindsay Lohan shouldn’t ‘be pampered in rehab’ says Elton John

HollywoodNews.com: Many stars have publically expressed their warm support for the speedy recovery of Lindsay Lohan, i.e. Snooki, Mark Wahlberg. Add pop legend Elton John to the list. Speaking to the Daily Star, the “Lion King” co-composer had some strong advice for Lohan — and he didn’t express it in[...]

Billy Joel’s documentary to screen as one-night only engagement

HollywoodNews.com: Newmarket Films, in association with Wrekin Hill, will release the acclaimed Billy Joel documentary feature film “The Last Play at Shea” on October 21, 2010 as a one-night only engagement at over 120 theaters across the country in such major cities as New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Miami,[...]

Lady Gaga has no poker face for marriage, eyes U.K. ceremony

HollywoodNews.com: Lady Gaga is looking to get hitched in the U.K. later this year. The pop singer plans to marry her boyfriend Luc Carl, a guy she previously dated in 2005 and has recently kissed and made up with. It’s been no secret that Lady Gaga is enthralled with all[...]

Barbara Walters returns to The View with warm welcomes from David Beckham and Elton John

HollywoodNews.com: David Beckham joined a host of stars who sent video messages to Barbara Walters as she returned to work today following open-heart surgery. Walters returned to ‘The View’ to kick off the 14th season of the daytime chat show this morning and received taped messages of support from stars[...]

Madonna could be paid $1 billion to head to Vegas

By Molly Sullivan HollywoodNews.com: Madonna could make a huge deal if she makes the decision to head to Las Vegas and commits to performing shows there for five years. Many musical artists, like Celine Dion, Elton John and Cher, have made deals like this, but Madonna would reportedly be offered[...]