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Harry Potter and Twilight Fans Unite for a Common Goal

HollywoodNews.com: The fanbases of the Harry Potter and Twilight series are constantly being compared to each other, whether in fun or jest or as competition to each other, but at the end of the day, most are just fans who really love their series, and will do what it takes[...]

Justin Bieber beats Lady Gaga for most searched person on the internet

HollywoodNews.com: Lady Gaga may have the most Facebook fans, but Justin Bieber is dominating the internet. He may be only sixteen years old, but the teen pop celebrity has more star power than the President. The singer is the most searched person on the internet, beating Lady Gaga, according to[...]

Lady Gaga to release ‘The Remix’ in August

HollywoodNews.com: Lady Gaga has announced that she will finally release “Lady Gaga – The Remix” in the United States on August 3, 2010. While The Remix has already sold over 500,000 albums internationally, topping the charts in the UK, Japan and Canada, this is the first time the collection will[...]

Lady Gaga boosts her career by headlining at Madison Square Garden

HollywoodNews.com: Lady Gaga has already conquered YouTube and Facebook, and now she’s about to conquer the biggest venue in America. Gaga will take the stage for her first time headlining for a sold out show at New York City’s iconic Madison Square Garden. Gaga’s previously graced the stage back in[...]

Lady Gaga says money is “boring” to her

HollywoodNews.com: Lady Gaga dominates YouTube plays, Facebook fans, and has a huge fan base. The singer has made a name for herself and has totally transformed her old lifestyle. However, the singer admits that despite her new found riches, they mean nothing to her. She said, “money is completely boring[...]

Harry Potter fan brings ‘Deathly Hallows’ to life with music

By Whitney Milam HollywoodNews.com: Lena Gabrielle isn’t your average Harry Potter fan. The talented 21-year-old music theory and piano performance student has fronted the popular wizard rock band “The Butterbeer Experience” for three years, and this summer she’ll embark on her last tour across the country to Florida for the[...]

Cristiano Ronaldo welcomes his new son into the world

HollywoodNews.com: Two months after being linked to Kim Kardashian, soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo has some big news: He’s a father. “It is with great joy and emotion that I inform I have recently become father to a baby boy,” the Team Portugal player, 25, wrote on his Facebook page. The[...]

Lady Gaga might get beat by Justin Bieber on Youtube

HollywoodNews.com: Lady Gaga has just surpassed Obama to become the first living person to hit 10 million Facebook fans. She also currently holds the record for the most viewed video on YouTube for her music video for “Bad Romance.” However, as of tonight Justin Bieber’s “Baby” video currently has 227,371,837[...]

Lady Gaga becomes the first living person to hit 10 million Facebook fans

HollywoodNews.com: About a week ago, Lady Gaga was in a tight race against President Obama to see who would be the first living person to hit 10 million Facebook fans. However, today Gaga has set a new record and as of this afternoon has 10,116,426 fans. However, there are five[...]

Nine Inch Nails’ Trent Reznor scores movie soundtrack

HollywoodNews.com: Nine Inch Nails frontman Trent Reznor may be taking some time off to start his new side project How to Destroy Angels, but he’s also taking a stab at the movie industry. He has recently recorded the soundtrack to the upcoming David Fincher movie “The Social Network,” which documents[...]