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Olivia Wilde reveals which celebrity she would like to be

HollywoodNews.com: Olivia Wilde is loving her life and success right now, but if she had to, there is another celebrity she would like to switch places with just like in her film ‘The Change-Up.’ Wilde admitted that she wouldn’t mind trading places with Oprah, and if not the TV queen,[...]

Dr. Drew says Mindy McCready Overdose not related to addiction

HollywoodNews.com: Yesterday we reported that country singer Mindy McCready overdosed on nearly 25 pills and was taken to the hospital by her mother Gayle. Later in the day, Gayle spoke out saying that Mindy had tried to commit suicide and that she told 911 that “she absolutely didn’t care if[...]

Mindy McCready tried to commit Suicide

HollywoodNews.com: Mindy McCready has had a history of addiction. She has been on “Celebrity Rehab,” which she earlier claimed “saved her life.” However, this morning she was taken to the hospital after her mother called 911 reporting that Mindy had overdosed on prescription pills. Now here comes the real twist.[...]

Mindy McCready may have mixed prescription drugs

HollywoodNews.com: These celebrities really need to take care of their health better. The last thing we need is another person to overdose on drugs. Mindy McCready was taken to the hospital today after mixing prescription drugs. However, since then Mindy’s rep is stating that the country star is in good[...]