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Kim Kardashian reportedly reveals what is happening with wedding gifts

HollywoodNews.com: Kim Kardashian has been dealing with the awkward decision of what to do with wedding gifts when your marriage ends in 72 days. And now, it seems that she has figured it out, and while it appears she will be keeping the gifts, she will also allegedly make a[...]

Kim Kardashian’s $450k wedding gift to herself

HollywoodNews.com: Kim Kardashian apparently wanted a lot for her wedding and that included a very pricey gift that she reportedly bought for herself. Kim reportedly bought herself a 2011 white Ferrari 458 with $80,000 worth of upgrades as her wedding gift, states RadarOnline.com. The car was reportedly worked on at[...]

Prince William, Kate Middleton raise $1.7 million with wedding charity

HollywoodNews.com: Prince William and Kate Middleton wanted to make sure that their wedding gave back, and it seems it ended up being quite charitable. The two set up the Royal Wedding Charitable Gift Fund for their wedding guests to donate to, states UsMagazine.com. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge chose[...]

Hugh Hefner, Crystal Harris don’t want wedding gifts

HollywoodNews.com: In case people invited to Hugh Hefner and Crystal Harris’ wedding were stressing over what to get them, they can calm down because they don’t want any gifts. Hefner revealed that Harris decided that it would be nice to just ask for charity donations instead of gifts, states UsMagazine.com.[...]

Sandra Bullock gives $1 million for those suffering in Japan

HollywoodNews.com: Sandra Bullock is doing her part to help with earthquake and tsunami relief in Japan as she has donated $1 million to the American Red Cross. Bullock’s donation was revealed on CNN by the charity and is reportedly the largest donation by a star yet (although some celebrity donations[...]