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Seems Adam Lambert not tossed from Lady Gaga bash

By Pat Ryder HollywoodNews.com: E! News reports a source has refuted the story that Lady Gaga had Adam Lambert removed from her birthday bash. As Hollywood News reported on Mar. 31, gossip columnist Perez Hilton made remarks on the radio show Morning Dish that alleged Lambert was embarassingly drunk at[...]

Cindy Adams will “probably” return to her column next month

By Roger Friedman HollywoodNews.com: I’ve received so many emails from fans of famed gossip columnist Cindy Adams. It should make her feel much better! This week I spoke with Cindy’s office. Her assistant says she’s home, recovering–presumably from anemia or some other sticky malady–and will return to her column “probably”[...]

Cindy Adams drops off the New York scene

By Roger Friedman HollywoodNews.com: Only in New York, kids: a famous gossip columnist disappears and no one is asking questions. Cindy Adams last filed a column for the New York Post on May 20th. A few days later, Page Six said she was in the hospital for anemia. Well, it’s[...]