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Kathy Griffin Stand up Special on BRAVO Does she even need an introduction? Kathy Griffin will be on Bravo and you know she won’t hold back! Her standup special, Gurrl Down, is on June 22 @ 9P ET/PT, here are some sneak peeks to whet your appetite (embed codes below if you’re in the sharing mood[...]

‘Glee’ is getting Kathy Griffin? ‘Glee’ has reportedly decided to take on the ‘D-List’ and will allegedly have Kathy Griffin showing up on an upcoming episode. Griffin will reportedly be playing a judge when Regionals start up, states While it was rumored that she will be playing a character who is similar to[...]

Bristol Palin talks about the fat joke

By Greg Hernandez It’s a fact of life: If you take on Kathy Griffin for making fun of you, you are merely giving her delicious fodder for her stand-up act which she performs in some of the biggest venues in the country and turns into comedy specials for Bravo.[...]

Anderson Cooper to return to host New Year’s Eve with Kathy Griffin

By Greg Hernandez Don’t know about you, but I would rather watch paint dry than see Ryan Seacrest host ABC’s “New Year’s Rockin’ Eve.” Ryan is cute and good at what he does but I want some laughs and some chemistry and over at CNN, the team of Anderson[...]

Kathy Griffin justifies ‘scandalous jokes’ against Bristol Palin Kathy Griffin is usually the one dishing on celebrities and hitting where it hurts the most, but now, Griffin is on the defensive as an onslaught of Bristol Palin supporters have deemed Griffin’s alleged ‘attack’ on Palin “bullying.” As reported, Griffin referred to Palin as the “white Precious” at[...]

Kathy Griffin calls Bristol Palin the ‘white Precious’ It looks like Bristol Palin has finally gotten all the attention she’s ever asked for; whether it be good or bad. While hosting the VH1 Divas concert last night, host Kathy Griffin took a shot at Palin that echoed throughout the internet. During her monologue, Griffin tapped into an[...]

Kathy Griffin unsure “My Life on the D-List” will return

By Greg Hernandez We all know that Kathy Griffin hasn’t been on a D-List for a long time now. She’s someone who sells out venues like Madison Square Garden, has won two Emmys, wrote a best-selling memoir and gets to host CNN’s New Year’s Eve coverage with that Silver[...]

Charlie Sheen isn’t winning over Kathy Griffin Kathy Griffin isn’t quite sure why Charlie Sheen is still employed after his recent, questionable behavior and isn’t too fond of how the situation is being handled. The comedian believes that if a woman were doing what he is accused of, she would be fired, states PopEater. She also[...]

Kathy Griffin called a “foul-mouthed minor celebrity”…

By Greg Hernandez She’s had a New York Times bestseller, won two Emmys, appears frequently for the full hour on Larry King Live and can sell out the biggest concert venues in the country from the Kodak Theatre in Hollywood to NYC’s Madison Square Garden. And yet there’s a[...]

Kathy Griffin excited to see Kristin Chenoweth on Broadway

By Greg Hernandez What a fun little feature on They asked some our favorite gay and gay-friendly celebs what they are excited about doing or seeing or reading etc. this summer and I had to share some of their answers with you since I am in a very[...]