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Vanessa Hudgens goes back to shorter hair

HollywoodNews.com: Vanessa Hudgens cut her hair very short while filming a movie, and while she didn’t like that style, it seems she isn’t opposed to all short hair. Hudgens recently stepped out with her hair in a shorter bob that departed from the longer hairstyle she has been sporting lately,[...]

Miley Cyrus cuts her hair into a short bob

HollywoodNews.com: Miley Cyrus is trying out a new look as she revealed a new short haircut over Twitter this weekend. Cyrus commented on Twitter, “Got ANOTHER hair cut! You likey?!” and posted a picture of a sleek and layered bob that frames her face and falls just above her shoulders,[...]

Katy Perry goes back to blonde on ‘Saturday Night Live’

HollywoodNews.com: Katy Perry is all about her hair these days, and now she is rocking blonde locks once again. Perry has gone from black to red to blonde to lavender this year and is now enjoying blonde once more, states People. Along with that, she is also rocking a short[...]

Vanessa Hudgens is having a hard time with her “soccer mom” hair

HollywoodNews.com: Vanessa Hudgens has been sporting a short hairstyle lately, and while it was an exciting change, the actress is now struggling to get through the growing out process. Hudgens has recently admitted she isn’t so crazy about the look which is why she’s going back to her old style,[...]

Vanessa Hudgens talks about her new look

HollywoodNews.com: Vanessa Hudgens made quite a shocking change to her look when she chopped off a lot of her long locks and showed off a short hairstyle. Now, she is revealing that it is a pretty hard adjustment she wasn’t ready for, states Just Jared. “Oh man, it’s really intense.[...]

Robert Pattinson’s new half-buzzed haircut

By Kim Palacios hollywoodnews.com: Toronto fans who went to the set of Robert Pattinson’s new film, “Cosmopolis,” last week got more than they bargained for when the star showed his face. When Pattinson graciously stopped to sign autographs for more than 60 fans in the wee hours of Thursday morning,[...]

Gisele doesn’t care what kind of hair Tom Brady has

HollywoodNews.com: Tom Brady’s football fans haven’t been too crazy about his new, longer hairstyle, but his wife is just fine with however he wants his hair. Gisele Bundchen admitted, despite Brady’s joking, that she never chimes in when it comes to his hair, states The Cut. “He can do whatever[...]

Justin Bieber’s haircut has won over one talk show host

HollywoodNews.com: Justin Bieber’s recent haircut has been a bit controversial as fans miss his classic style, but one talk show host is loving the new look. Even though she is a little bit older, Sherri Shepherd of ‘The View’ thinks the new style is “fabulous,” states OK!. “He looks like[...]

Justin Bieber will do with his hair whatever he wants

HollywoodNews.com: Justin Bieber just recently underwent a bit of a haircut and he is going to continue changing it up whenever he wants. Bieber told Ellen DeGeneres that while fans seemed a little upset over the whole change, he doesn’t really care, states UsMagazine.com. Bieber than revealed that he is[...]

Adam Lambert beats Robert Pattinson in hair poll

HollywoodNews.com: Fans are currently loving Adam Lambert’s new hair much more than Robert Pattinson’s new look. Both men debuted different hairstyles at this year’s Golden Globes events and the results are in as to which look is better, reports Flecking Records. The site held a poll and Lambert beat out[...]