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Sundance Youtube Rental Movies Flop

We reported earlier that 5 Sundance films were going to debut for rent on Youtube starting last Friday, and the results are in….the whole idea was a major FLOP. It turns out that this new independent distribution outlet is proving to be a less than satisfactory rental outlet. Even with[...]

Fortune smiles on actress Michelle Krusiec of “Homewrecker”

By ROBERT W. WELKOS PARK CITY, Utah–In her acting career, Michelle Krusiec has played an Eskimo, a lesbian, a sorority sister, a cuckolded housewife and a pregnant ex-girlfriend. But her real-life personal story may be as dramatic as anything she has played on screen. Born in Taiwan to a poor,[...]

5 Sundance Films to debut for rent on Youtube

Indiewire has announced that starting tomorrow, five films playing at the Sundance Film Festival will be available to stream on Youtube for a rental price of $3.99 for a 48-hour viewing period. The five films will be “Bass Ackwards,” “Children of Invention,” “Homewrecker,” “One Too Many Mornings,” and “The Cove.”[...]